Experience the precision of industry-leading analytical measurement systems tailored to enhance safety and efficiency in production, ensure diligent environmental monitoring and compliance, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, mitigating the impact of climate change. Our state-of-the-art instruments and technologies provide innovative solutions for the analysis of gases and water, safeguarding both the environment and your bottom line.

Our solutions are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, from land, sea to the vastness of space, continuously monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, including COand methane, to protect human health and our planet.

When it comes to water quality, our trusted sensors and analyzers offer immediate, actionable data on process conditions, enabling improved efficiency, optimized performance, and compliance with environmental standards and regulations, all while keeping your operational goals in focus.


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Key benefits

Advanced solutions

Over 90 years of innovation with market leading portfolio that solve the toughest measurement challenges.


High precision technology for production safety and efficiency covering air, water and space.


Measuring industrial emissions and greenhouse gases for cleaner air and a better environment.

Global support

Support in more than 40 countries worldwide including services, system integration, and digital solutions.






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