Measurement solutions for the water industry

Solutions for water and wastewater

ABB Measurement & Analytics supplies instrumentation and analytical solutions for the complete water-cycle. With over 100 years’ of innovation and domain expertise, our water portfolio is designed to be easily configurable and integrated, to handle the unique demands of the industry, driving highest levels of efficiency, reliability and sustainability. 

Our impressive offering comprises of continuous water analyzers, field instrumentation devices, actuators, flow measurement devices, controllers, and a suite of digital asset performance management tools as well as product lifecycle support.


Water management process

Linear water management process

Linear Water Management Process



Potable water treatment process

The red icons indicate the stages in the process where Measurement and Analytics solutions are applicable.

Potable Water Treatment Process



Wastewater treatment process

The red icons indicate the stages in the process where Measurement and Analytics solutions are applicable.

Wastewater Treatment Process


Customer value

Enabling accelerated transition to Sustainable Water management​

ABB Instrumentation and Analyzers play a pivotal role in enabling the transition to a world of sustainable water and wastewater management. The value lies in their ability to provide cutting-edge technology and solutions that empower industries and municipalities to efficiently monitor and manage their water resources and energy.

By offering a comprehensive range of instrumentation and analyzers, ABB equips organizations with the tools needed to optimize water treatment processes, reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency. This not only ensures the responsible use of our precious water resources but also contributes to a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future.

ABB's commitment to innovation and sustainability makes them a trusted partner in addressing the global challenges of water scarcity and pollution while promoting a more responsible and environmentally conscious approach to water management. ​

The solutions aid to accelerate sustainable transition of water management practices by offering versatile solutions that drive both efficiency gains in the Linear Water chain and spearhead the transition towards a Circular Water Economy. ​


Traditional Water Economy to a Circular Water Economy

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Water distribution and leakage management


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