ABB Measurement Care support services: 8 key facts

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ABB recently launched a highly flexible, modular and cost-effective range of services for measurement products and analyzers called Measurement Care. A highly customizable service agreement, Measurement Care primarily consists of three service modules--one to get your process back up quickly, one to manage instruments over their lifetimes, and lastly, one that aims at process improvements. These modules are called Rapid Response, Lifecycle Management, and Performance Improvement. Under this umbrella of services, ABB will help identify and tailor the optimal support for a customer’s particular situation. 

1. What ABB products qualify for Measurement Care agreements?

Included are products for measuring flow, pressure, temperature, level, thickness, flatness, and tension, as well as valve positioners and analyzers of liquids and gases.

2. How does ABB handle support for Measurement Care?

We’ve attempted to make it as easy and convenient for customers as possible. You have a single point of contact for contract management when needed-- someone who knows you as well as your agreement terms, conditions and scope of supply.

3. What are some service examples that fall within the Rapid Response module?

Well, suppose lack of a field instrument or analyzer operation adversely affects your process to the point that you require quick action. ABB will agree to get a professional to your site within a mutually agreed time to get your process quickly back to normal. We'll expedite the right part to facilitate swift repairs. In other situations, troubleshooting by a specialist via remote support or resident on-site ABB engineer can lead to even faster process recovery. In addition, we give priority to off-line repairs. This occurs when we request that you unplug the device from the process and ship it to an ABB repair facility. We will perform the repair and send the device back to you within an agreed-upon time.

4. What Measurement Care services are available on a regular basis?

Our Lifecycle Module includes the inspection and condition monitoring of measurement products and analyzers at regular intervals. These services help to increase process uptime throughout an instrument's lifetime. We'll recommend spare parts inventories for maintaining and/or replacing products when onsite or remote inspections indicate these actions are warranted.

5. How about training?

Flexible training options for your in-house workforce are also part of the Lifecycle Module. Our professional training services qualify your engineers, maintenance and operations staff for running a safe and productive plant. Your personnel can receive training in our classrooms, at your plant, via webinar or online using our eLearning courses.

6. Can ABB handle on-demand calibration of measurement products?

Yes. In fact ABB pioneered onsite verification of accuracies in the field by our service engineers. This eliminates the need and expense of removing the unit from its installation and shipping to our laboratory. Otherwise ABB’s global calibration laboratories incorporate the latest technology and processes to calibrate all ABB measurement products as well as those from many other global manufacturers. Calibration results are traceable to international standards.

7. How does Measurement Care services help to improve process performance?

Our service experts have extensive application knowledge. They can evaluate plant conditions, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement a cost-effective performance enhancement program. They'll also recommend an ongoing upgrade/replacement plan to secure peak performance of the installed base, keeping your plant competitive.

8. Can ABB provide advanced services to protect measurement integrity and optimize process uptime when ABB service engineers are not on-site?

Yes. We can remotely check the health and performance of your measurement devices on an agreed-upon timetable. Based on the results we’ll propose a plan to optimize reliability and/or recommend practices for predictive maintenance.

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