Stressometer - Flatness measurement & control

The Stressometer System FSA is designed to combine the best strip flatness performance with the lowest cost of ownership.

Unique technology

Our technology includes a calibration-free system with an unsurpassed measurement density and response time, longterm accuracy and integrated model based multivariable control.

Minimize rejects

Direct and Parallel Measurement means accurate measurements, unaffected by strip tension variations, within milliseconds of rolling.
This enables full flatness control including strip head and tail ends thereby reducing rejects.

Minimize pass time

With Stressometer in the mill, strip break risks due to bad flatness will not limit acceleration and mill speed. Pass times are reduced and productivity
increased. The improved strip edge control is enabled thanks to edge measurement resolution down to a few millimeters.

Minimize production disturbances

Partly covered measurement zones at the strip edges are fully utilized to rapidly correct high edge stresses thereby avoiding strip breaks.

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