Phosphate analyzer
Aztec AW636

Optimizing phosphate removal processes

The Aztec 600 phosphate analyzer provides reliable and accurate measurement of phosphate levels in municipal wastewater effluents to ensure compliance with local discharge regulations. 




The Aztec 600 phosphate analyzer enables phosphate measurement in either potable water or municipal wastewater effluents.     

Featuring ABB's intuitive menu-driven software and the unique self-cleaning Aztec fluid handling system, users benefit from an analyzer that is both simple-to-operate and maintain.

Users benefits from:
  – Analysis of up to 3 sample streams
  – Automatic 2-point calibration
  – Automatic background color compensation
  – Automatic sample dilution to maximize range
  – Self-cleaning measurement system
  – Data logging and graphical process trending
  – Full audit trail capability
  – Secure data archiving to SD Card


  • Measurement range
    0 to 50 ppm PO4 (0 to 50 mg/L)
  • Chemical method
    Phosphomolybdenum blue
  • Background color correction
    Compensated at the measurement wavelength
  • Measurement frequency
    1 to 4 measurements per hour (User-selectable)
  • Accuracy / maximum measured error
    ±5 % of reading or ±0.005 ppm (whichever is the greater)
  • Repeatability
    ±5 % of reading or ±0.030 ppm (whichever is the greater)
  • Resolution
    0.001 ppm or 1 ppb
  • Measurement units
    mg/l, ppm, ppb, μg/l
  • Calibration
    2-point, automatic calibration


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