Measuring the quality of gas and more recently any emissions are key for our natural gas customers

ABB’s end-to-end solutions for the natural gas industry support plant operators and production managers in solving the unique challenges of the natural gas industry, such as the instant measurement of multiple components, and the continuous and simultaneous measurement of contaminants in natural gas. Highly accurate and innovative, ABB’s gas analyzers and instruments help the industry become safer, more reliable, and efficient.

ABB’s solutions are used throughout the natural gas industry in the gathering, processing and transportation of natural gas. The impressive offering comprises gas quality analyzers, gas leak detection solutions, field instrumentation devices, actuators, flow measurement devices, controllers, flow computers, and a suite of digital asset performance management tools as well as product lifecycle support.


Production process

Customer value

Measuring the quality of gas and more recently any emissions are key for our natural gas customers. Effective measurement of gas quality and emissions has a major impact on the safety, environmental contribution, reliability, and profitability of their production process. ABB offers a range of devices that are throughout the entire natural gas supply chain. From measuring gas leaks, contaminants and colorific value, our customers rely on ABB to meet their needs in the most demanding applications. 

When our customers purchase an ABB measurement device, they don’t just get a product. They gain access to a trusted and respected authority on industrial automation, operational excellence and digital technologies. ABB has defined services for every lifecycle stage to make sure our customers receive the maximum possible benefit from their purchase today, tomorrow and beyond.

Products portfolio

 Natural gas productionGas gathering pipelinesProcessing & treatmentGas transmission pipelinesLNG ExportsCustody transferGas leak detection services
PGC1000  XXXX 
PGC5000  XXX  
EL3060 X X X 
MobileGuard      X
Flow-X ComputersX    X 
Field Flow Computers and RTUXX   X 
Process FlowX      


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