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High accuracy flow computers
Spirit IT Flow-X series

The Spirit IT Flow-X is the most accurate and secure flow computer on the market today with a modern design and user interface. It can be used for gas, liquid and steam and provides configurable functionality to control any flow measurement system. Its hardware and software are certified against the most stringent legal metrology standards.



The Spirit IT Flow-X is the first flow computer to support GERG-2008, the most accurate and versatile equation of state for natural gas.

The Flow-X/M module is the single stream building block for all Spirit IT flow computer products and enclosures with each module provides more than sufficient communication ports and IO for any oil and gas meter run.

Its configuration and operation is touch screen based where a single screen can be used to access multiple flow computers. Remote access is possible from any web client over a secure HTTPS connection.

The complimentary Flow-Xpress software allows for virtually unlimited customization of the comprehensive gas and liquid applications (available in metric and US customary units).

The Flow-X provides advanced control functions for additional system savings: embedded flow, flow/pressure, valve and sampling control functions eliminate the need for a PLC or a sampler controller.

The Flow-X integrates seamlessly with our measurement automation software Spirit IT eXLerate, creating a Power Package that enables smart metering solutions.
Flow-X Series


I/O per Flow-X/M module

Each module provides:

  • 6 Analog Input (4-20 mA, 1 - 5/ 0 - 5 V DC)
  • 4 HART inputs
  • 2 PT100 temperature inputs
  • 4 Analog outputs
  • 16 Digital I/O (*open collector, **configurable threshold)
  • 2 Serial input (RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485)
  • 2 Ethernet (RJ45 , TCP/IP)


Each of the 16 digital I/O channels can be assigned to a :

  • Pulse input (single/dual)** max. 1 meter
  • (dual = 2 inputs)
  • Time period input (density)** max. 4 signals
  • Prover detector input** max. 4 signals
  • Status input** max.. 16 signals
  • Status output* max. 16 signals
  • Pulse output* max. 4 signals
  • Prover bus output* max. 1 signal


Standards & calculations


  • API 5, 6, 23, 24, 53, 54, 59 and 60 tables (A, B, C, D and E)
  • API 11.1 1980 (API 2540) and 2004/2007
  • API 1952 historical tables
  • API 11.2.1, 11.2.2, 12.2, 21.1, 21.2
  • API Ethylene (API-2565)
  • API Propylene
  • GPA TP15, TP16, TP25, TP27
  • Butadiene (ASTM D1550)
  • Asphalt (ASTM D4311)
  • Ethylene (IUPAC 1988, NIST 1045, API 2565)
  • Carbon dioxide (NIST)


  • AGA3, AGA5, AGA7, AGA8, AGA9, AGA10, AGA11
  • AGA-NX19
  • SGERG-88
  • GERG-2008
  • GPA 2172, GPA TP15
  • IAPWS-IF97 (steam and water)
  • ISO 6976 (all editions)
  • Gas viscosity
  • GSSSD MR113
  • GOST 30313


  • ISO 5167 (all editions)
  • ISO/TR15377
  • AGA3
  • GOST 8-586
  • V-cone



  • CE
    Marking as per Conformité Européene, Directive 93/68/EEC. Declaration of conformity
  • EN 12405-1
    European Standard for Gas meters and Gas-volume electronic conversion devices; part of MID
  • OILML R117
    Dynamic measuring systems for liquids other than water standard, Edition 2007; part MID Software Guide - Measuring
  • WELMEC 7.2
    Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC; included in MID
  • WELMEC 8.3
    Quality of production, final product inspection and product testing
  • WELMEC 8.8
    Intended use as ‘electronic calculating and indicating device’ part of measuring system of liquids other than water (MI-005) and intended use as ‘Calculator and Indicator device for a gas meter’ (MI-002)
  • EN 61326
    Electromagentic Compliance specification for Industrial locations; included in MID
  • EN 55011
    Electromagnetic Compliance specificationl included MID
  • CSA C22.2 61010-1
    Issued:2004/07/12 Ed:2 (R2009) Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use Part 1: General Requirements, with general instruction No. 1: 2008/10/28(R2009)
  • UL 61010-1
    Issued: 2004/07/12 Ed:2 Rev:2008/10/28 UL Standard for Safety Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Usel; Part 1: General Requirements
  • 2004/108/EC
    Electric compatibility directive
  • 2004/22/EC
    Measuring Instruments Directive


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