Head-mount temperature transmitter

The two-channel temperature transmitter TTH300 with HART, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus in two-wire technology has extensive functions and diagnostic options for all applications. For the new TTH300 HART, these have been expanded once again and the user-friendliness has been further improved.


Fieldbus & HART


The TTH300 is provided for the highest requirements of temperature measurement with two sensor inputs. This supports sensor redundancy and sensor drift monitoring. The transmitter follows NAMUR Recommendations such as NE 89 and NE 107. As an option, an LCD indicator with operating buttons can be connected.
The TTH300 HART can be configured with ABB-tools such as Field Information Manager (FIM), with DAT200 (Asset Vision Basic) via DTM, with a Handheld via EDD, or with any standard tool using FDI-/FDT-Technology.
Transmitter with PROFIBUS PA can be configured via GSD file, EDD or DTM, with FOUNDATION Fieldbus via EDD/CF. 


  • Two universal sensor inputs, each for RTD, thermocouple, Ω, mV
  • Functional safety SIL 2 / SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508 (HART variant)
  • Various sensor error-calibration possibilities
    – One point, two point, Callendar-van-Dusen, freestyle characteristics with 32 supporting points
  • Sensor backup / automatic sensor redundancy switching (2 x Pt100 3-wire connection and further sensor combinations)
  • Redundancy behavior configurable for increased availability, increased safety or increased accuracy (HART variant)
  • Output signal
    – 4 to 20 mA, HART 5 and HART 7 (switchable)
    – PROFIBUS PA 3.01
    – FOUNDATION Fieldbus ITK 5.x
  • Accuracy 0.1 %, long-term stability 0.05 % per year
  • Wire break / corrosion monitoring in accordance with NE 89
  • Device status signaling and freely configurable diagnostic categorization with diagnostic history according to NE 107 (HART variant)
  • Event monitor for logging critical events (HART variant)
  • Configuration monitor for configuration changes (HART variant)
  • Turnable LCD indicator with operating buttons (option)
  • Approvals for explosion protection
    – ATEX, IECEx, zone 0
    – FM / CSA
    – EAC, EAC-Ex
    – NEPSI


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Fieldbus & HART – TTx300

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