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XRCG5  provides an upgraded path to new digital technologies and protocols such as MQTT and secured wireless connection (WiFi-Access Point or Bluetooth).  This generation of flow computers and RTUs also offers a low-power, highly-reliable microprocessor-based unit with a Linux operating system, persistent memory, and new connectivity, combined with the same wide range of measurement, monitoring, and alarm applications for remote oil and gas systems.

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XSeriesG5 devices are the “fifth generation” of flow computers and RTUs that continues to provide a large set of functionality related to RTU, PLC and flow computer applications, but now with a forward looking microprocessor and a Linux environment. XFCG5 and XRCG5 devices are based on the same software environment, including custody transfer measurement and control applications. The two significant differences between XFCG5 and XRCG5 are related to their hardware:

  • XFCG5 devices include an integral multivariable transducer, and XRCG5 devices do not.
  • There are more base I/O points on XRCG5 devices than on XFCG5 devices.

Benefits and features of these particular products include:

  • Automation, control, alarming and data logging capabilities
  • Supports Wi-Fi access point and Bluetooth, and new pulse inputs voltage range
  • Base I/O targeted at low-cost, automation projects
  • Flexible communications
  • New PI operational range
  • New WiFi and Bluetooth for local wireless connectivity
  • Onboard Ethernet
  • Forward compatibility - built to be compatible for future applications
  • Backward compatibility - same hardware form and factor of previous generation
  • Extendable hardware and software

Certifications (hazardous location classification)

  •  CSA C/US Class I, Div 2, Groups C&D T3 -40°F (-40°C) to +140°F (+60°C)
  • ATEX: Sira 10ATEX4138X II 3G Ex nAc IIB Ge T3 Ta= -40°C to +60°C (European Union Directive 2014/34/EU) 
  •  IECEx: CSA09.0013X, Ex nAc IIB Ge T3 (-40°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +60°C)


XRCG5 features a 399Mhz, Tl ARM Cortex AM335X, 32-bit microprocessor with an Embedded Linux operating system. The base unit is equipped with standard I/O designed to meet the requirements of many low cost automation and measurement configurations, and additional I/O modules can be added to extend the hardware I/O capabilities.

The processing and memory capability of the XRCG5 allows the user to run more applications faster than ever before. Up to twenty (20) AGA3 measurement tubes performing full calculations once a second or eight (8) wells with fully configured control and measurement applications for liquid and gas.

XRCG5 has an on-board configuration of five (5) analog inputs (0 to 10 volts DC), four (4) digital outputs and four (4) digital inputs which can be configured as either status inputs or pulse accumulator inputs and two different operation voltage ranges. 

Each unit is powered by an internal battery that can be solar charged (or other suitable DC supply) for remote unattended operation with several charging options available. 

A local configuration serial port, two communications ports are supplied with the standard unit. These ports are modular and user selectable for RS232 and/or RS485.

One integrated 10/100 Base-T Full duplex Ethernet port for network connectivity as standard offering together with WiFi and Bluetooth is available as well as a local wireless connectivity for Flash download and local configuration. 

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