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Training services

ABB has helped customers achieve optimized equipment performance by providing cost-effective, high quality, technical training. Our trainers have over 65 years of experience in the gas measurement industry. From equipment testing, field servicing and remote troubleshooting, they offer a wealth of information to increase your knowledge and productivity.

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NGC / PGC1000 Level One (Z920)

Course Description

02/04-02/06 Pleasanton, TX
02/25-02/27 Odessa, TX
03/03-03/05 Liberal, KS
03/17-03/19 Oakmont, PA
03/24-03/26 Bartlesville, OK
05/05-05/07 Bartlesville, OK
06/02-06/04 Odessa, TX
07/07-07/09 Pleasanton, TX
07/14-07/16 Bartlesville, OK
08/04-08/06 Liberal, KS
08/25-08/27 Oakmont, PA
09/15-09/17 Gillette, WY
10/20-10/22 Odessa, TX



NGC / PGC1000 Level Two (Z921)

Course Description

02/18-02/20 Bartlesville, OK
04/07-04/09 Odessa, TX
04/14-04/16 Bartlesville, OK
05/19-05/21 Liberal, KS
06/09-06/11 Bartlesville OK
06/23-06/25 Oakmont, PA
08/11-08/13 Odessa, TX
10/06-10/08 Pleasanton, TX
10/13-10/15 Bartlesville, OK
10/27-10/29 Liberal, KS

XSeries Level One (Z900)

Course Description

02/04-02/06 Odessa, TX
02/11-02/13 Bakersfield, CA
03/10-03/13 Bartlesville, OK
03/17-03/19 Pleasanton, TX
03/24-03/27 Oakmont, PA
04/28-04/30 Liberal, KS
05/12-05/14 Oakmont, PA
06/16-06/18 Bartlesville, OK
07/07-07/09 Gillette, WY
08/04-08/06 Bismarck, ND
09/22-09/24 Odessa, TX
10/13-10/15 Bakersfield, CA



XSeries Level Two (Z901)

Course Description

01/28-01/30 Bartlesville, OK
03/24-03/26 Bartlesville, OK
05/19-05/21 Oakmont, PA
07/14-07/16 Gillette, WY
08/11-08/13 Bismarck, ND
09/15-09/17 Liberal, KS
09/29-10/01 Odessa, TX
10/20-10/22 Bakersfield, CA
11/10-11/13 Pleasanton, TX
11/17-11/19 Bartlesville, OK


WinCCU Host Communications (Z930)

Course Description

05/05-05/07 Bartlesville, OK
12/08-12/10 Bartlesville, OK


RMC-100 (Z910)

Course Description

02/18-02/20 Bartlesville, OK
04/07-04/09 Bartlesville, OK
06/23-06/25 Odessa, TX
07/21-07/23 Bartlesville, OK
10/27-10/29 Odessa, TX
11/03-11/05 Liberal, KS
12/15-12/17 Bartlesville, OK

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