XIO-08, XIO-04, & XIO-00

Smart Extended I/O

XIO sets a new standard for control, automation, and measurement solutions, for upstream Oil & Gas and multiple other applications. This new solution provides remote expansion for both brownfield and greenfield flow computers and RTUs. It also allows operators to improve their performance by reducing their operational spending, decreasing expansion downtime, and increasing communication expansion across the field.

XIO provides the flexibility to expand not just I/O, but also field connectivity and interoperability in the same device. With the unique ability to easily integrate with ABB controllers without limiting the customer, XIO can also be used with third party devices. 

XIO is a solution that can also easily integrate with existing devices via Modbus. By allowing the addition of I/O options to the base at any time, XIO provides optimal flexibility.

The complete XIO family allows for ultimate flexibility in serial port configuration and remote control options. Users can choose the option best suited for well-site needs, lowering the cost of operation.

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TFIO modules

Innovative solutions of the XIO

  • The Wi-Fi bridge, Wi-Fi client mode, and USB options provide optimal device management, locally or at a distance.
  • 12 and 24 vdc external power eliminates the need for additional components and reduces installation costs. 
  • 22 hot pluggable IO modules (additions or replacements) can be added to the XIO without power interruption, making it easy for the technician to see a non-working module, quickly replace it, and immediately confirm that a replacement is working.
  • New switch capabilities allow the network to expand beyond the RMC and XIO, with each network segment capable of lengths up to 100 meters.
  • 4 Ethernet ports allow for different network configurations, and the 8 serial communication ports give the XIO the most serial capacity on any ABB upstream product.  
  • Auto-discovery services make setup convenient and easy for XIO devices and applications on the network.
  • Ethernet to serial passthrough application integrates seamlessly and effortlessly with the RMC and provides the easy addition of more serial ports in the field with minimal configuration steps.  

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The XIO is a new, capable extension to the RMC family, providing enhanced, scalable IO capacity to existing and new sites.  Totalflow customers will be very comfortable with XIO and its applications.  

XIO General Features

  • DIN rail mount enclosure
  • Class 1, Div 2 area classification
  • Operating temperature -40 °C ≥ Tamb ≥ 60 °C (antenna installed within enclosure)
  • Operating temperature -28 °C ≥ Tamb ≥ 60 °C (external antenna mounting application)
  • Up to 8 serial ports supporting RS-422/232/485
  • Auto-discovery for easy configuration                           
  • 12-24 Vdc external power capability
  • Compatibility with G4 software applications
  • Support for Modbus and Totalflow native protocols
  • 2 Enterprise and 2 Industrial Ethernet ports for advanced networking configuration
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless local configuration
  • TFIO Hot-pluggable / hot-swappable support
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