Process Gas Chromatograph PGC1000

The PGC1000 addresses a specific niche in the process industry market where customers seek analytical measurement solutions that are simple, highly accurate, cost-effective (requiring no shelter), modular and have very low maintenance and implementation requirements.

The PGC1000 is a field-mount gas chromatograph (GC) capable of measurements of C1 through C9+, inerts and H2S in various Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI) streams. This analyzer is perfect for measuring light hydrocarbon gases in locations where minimal space is available. The PGC1000 is an excellent choice for most gas processing industry applications and for monitoring fuel gases such as natural gas, synthetic gas, methane and / or bio-gas to ensure optimal plant operations.

Features of PGC1000

  • Compact footprint – 16 inches, front to back, 28 pounds
  • Conventional analytical components, not a GC on a chip
  • Windows CE® operating system
  • Interactive, graphical display actuated by magnet contact

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