Sensi+™: Natural gas analyzer

Sensi+, GLA533-NG model, is a single, compact gas analyzer that detects simultaneously multiple gas contaminants in real-time in complex and time-varying natural gas streams.

This natural gas contaminants analyzer is based on a unique tunable diode laser (TDL) technology known as Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS™).

It provides continuous measurements of Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), carbon dioxide (CO₂), and water (H₂O) which represent both a safety and a pipeline integrity risk.

Sensi+ natural gas technical analysis provides accurate measurement and facilitates fast response time for quick actions to process upsets.

Sensi+ is not only an essential tool for natural gas measurement for custody transfer, tariff compliance, and process monitoring but it also protects natural gas pipelines, storage facilities, and other mission-critical assets.

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Product features

- Single, compact natural gas analyzer
- Accuracy, and reliability with proven technology
- Intuitive, insightful, and gesture control user interface

What is the importance of measuring contaminants in natural gas and biogas (biomethane)?

Measuring contaminants in natural gas is crucial to prevent internal corrosion in the gas infrastructure such as pipelines and storage facilities.

Natural gas technical analysis allows to find high concentrations of target gas contaminants that can cause damage to mission-critical assets, which is why custody transfer mandates require the measurement of these gases.

Moreover, monitoring specific contaminants is mandatory for regulatory compliance and tariff adherence. With Sensi+ gas analyzer, you can measure three natural gas contaminants simultaneously and continuously using a single device.

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Product value pillars

Each pillar represents a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, innovation, and reliability in gas analysis technology.
One single analyzer for multiple contaminants
Fast response in measuring contaminants
Simple to use, to operate, and to service
Analyzer accuracy and reliability

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