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We illuminate the core values that underpin our Natural Gas Analyzer and define its superiority in the industry. At the heart of our analyzer lie these foundational principles, shaping every aspect of its design, functionality, and performance. From precision and reliability to innovation and sustainability, explore the key value pillars that drive our commitment to excellence. Discover how our analyzer delivers unmatched value by empowering you to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and achieve your goals with confidence. Explore the pillars below and experience the transformative power of our Natural Gas Analyzer firsthand.
Single analyzer for multiple gas contaminants

One single analyzer for multiple natural gas contaminants: H₂S, H₂O and CO₂

Sensi+™ obviates the need for multiple analyzers. It translates into space saving and reduce infrastructure costs. It also simplifies Operations by reducing training of personnel and streamlining analyzer fleet management.

Fast response in measuring gas contaminants

Sensi+™ blazing fast response on contaminant rise allows for quick actions, either stopping or redirecting gas flow, thus minimizing product waste. It also eases requirements on “sour containment tanks” when building new gas infrastructures, or allows to flow more gas in current existing infrastructures.
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Analyzer accuracy and reliability

ICOS technology brings high dynamic range and accuracy to measurements, providing you with trusty readings to ensure upset events are detected accurately, while eliminating false-positive alarms. Measurement accuracy is free of cross-interference and is unaffected by changes in gas composition, providing you with peace-of-mind operations

Simple to use, operate and service

Sensi+™ installation and commissioning is straightforward (can be done within 1 hour!). It does not require use of any consumable (no scrubber, no zero-gas) and doesn’t require any calibration. The analyzer is entirely field serviceable, lowering OPEX and maximizing your network up-time.
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