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Dive into the cutting-edge capabilities of our Natural Gas Analyzer through our comprehensive features page. Discover how our analyzer sets the standard for accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in gas analysis.

From advanced sensors to intuitive interfaces, explore the key features that make our analyzer the ultimate solution for precise gas analysis needs across the natural gas industry. 

Whether you're monitoring gas quality, ensuring compliance, or optimizing processes, our Natural Gas Contaminants Analyzer empowers you with the tools you need to achieve unparalleled results. Explore the features below and unlock the full potential of your gas analysis endeavors.

Thoughtfully designed with the user in mind

Sensi+™, the single, compact natural gas analyzer based on one technology, multiplexed laser absorption spectroscopy, brings all the advantages of laser technology, saves space, and removes the need for multiple analyzers. It also simplifies deployment, operation, and service without compromising performance.

Easy installation and commissioning for hazardous areas

With the flame-proof and dual-seal design, the hazardous area-compliant gas analyzer necessitates only a simple wallmount installation and process tie-in with no complex purging system.

Needing no field calibration, a simple validation in the field can be done and the gas analyzer is ready to deliver fast and reliable measurements.

Intuitive, insightful, and gesture control user interface

  • The user interface provides experts with actions and insights directly from the device. Capabilities include built-in self-diagnostics, automated laser line-locking, real-time cross-interference compensation, and health monitoring.
  • The local HMI is a read-only user interface (UI) and navigation is made through a gesture controller.
Local Human-Machine Interface

Sensi+™ is equipped with a 7-inch screen, three informational LEDs, and a gesture control system.

The local HMI provides multiple views for detailed information:

  • Gas measurement screen
  • Alarms screen
  • Diagnostics and advanced diagnostics
  • System information
Gesture Control

The local HMI is a read-only user interface (UI) and navigation is made through a gesture controller. The user can navigate through the multiple software pages by passing hand in front of the Gesture detector below the screen.
Remote HMI

The remote HMI is a HTML based UI that provides in depth information and configuration without the need of proprietary software. The remote HMI provides multiple access and menus such as:
  • Gas measurement  screen
  • Settings and configurations of gas parameters, physical interfaces, and general parameters
  • Alarms display, acknowledgment, and information
  • Process events
  • Reports and export of historical data
  • Systems information

Advantages of OA-ICOS™ technology

ABB's Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (ICOS) laser absorption technology has been used for over 15 years in the world's most reliable gas analyzers, providing advanced spectroscopic analyses that offer unparalleled accuracy, precision, sensitivity, and reliability compared to other TDL analyzers.
  • Fast response time to variations and quick refreshment rate on gas measurement
  • Minimizes cross-interferences using high-resolution diode laser absorption technology, low gas pressure, and data analytics
  • Reduced cost of ownership: The sample is directly measured without conditioning and the design reduces the use of consumables
  • Low sample flow, lowering the environmental impact and financial loss due to venting of natural gas
  • No need for periodic calibration
  • Internal performance metrics for asset health monitoring

Sensi+™ Service & Maintenance

Modular design for easy serviceability - Sensi+™ has been designed for minimal maintenance, which lowers cost of ownership and operation.

This gas analyzer was designed from the ground up to be maintained by personnel with little or no prior knowledge of spectroscopic instruments.
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