Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series

Increase your gasoline blending profits with process Reid Vapor Pressure measurements and automatic air saturation of the sample




The RVP4500 series accurately measures Reid Vapor Pressure throughout the gasoline range and its feedstocks. It offers a simple, reliable, compact, single cell design that requires minimal operator interface, minimal maintenance with no moving part and is factory pre-calibrated. It validates every analysis with self-diagnostics.

Thanks to the novel airsat module presence in the RVP4550 model, final gasoline blending operations can now replicate the manual air saturation step of the standard ATSM D323 laboratory method, offering reduced validation uncertainties.

RVP4500 series models

  • RVP4500 0-20 psi - Gasoline
  • RVP4550 0-20 psi - Gasoline with airsat
  • RVP4503 0-30 psi - Gasoline
  • RVP4501 0-90 psi - Gasoline
  • RVP4510 0-25 psi - Shale Oil
  • RVP4540 0-225 psi - LPG, NGL

General Description

  • Single cell design
  • Approximate cycle time 7.5 minutes
  • Measurement range - 0 - 20 psi
  • Low sample volume - 2.5 ml
  • Explosion proof
  • Repeatable, reproducible, and accurate
  • Require minimal operator interface
  • Instrument checks operation via self-diagnostics
  • Small compact design


ASTM Method D5482 (off-line mode)

・The ASTM Method D5482 was developed for this analyzer
・Allows results from process measurements to be accepted by the regulatory agencies

ASTM Method D323
・The measurement results correlate with the ASTM D323 with no correction factors or calibration required.

Other Applications
・The measurement results correlate with the ASTM D323 with no correction factors or calibration required.
・Gasoline Blending
・Measuring lights in de-butanizer tower bottoms
・Shale Gas


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