News | June 24, 2024

Osaka Gas Network, which operates approx. 63,000Km of gas pipelines in the Kansai region of Japan, has been recognized for its commitment to improving operational efficiency and safety through innovative solutions. 

In January 2024, Osaka Gas Network received the Prime Minister's Award at the 7th Infrastructure Maintenance Awards in Japan. The award highlights the dedication of Osaka Gas Network to improving their gas leak detection practices. A key factor in their success is the strategic adoption of ABB technology. 

The challenge

The award-winning initiative is focused on improving the efficiency of gas leak detection by using laser spectroscopic detectors and dedicated navigation, specifically the comprehensive suite of ABB Ability™ Natural gas leak detection solutions. The dedicated navigation system is proprietary, developed by Osaka Gas Network. 

These advanced solutions played a crucial role in transforming Osaka Gas Network‘s gas leak detection practices, providing a reliable defense against gas leaks. 

The ABB solution 


The comprehensive suite of ABB Ability™ Natural gas leak detection solutions guards against gas leaks on all fronts. The solutions form an unrivalled shield that is at once powerful, economic, and intelligently designed from the start with the task – and end user – in mind. 


They ensure that, no matter where a leak emanates from, one or more of ABB’s comprehensive gas leak detection solutions will rapidly detect, intercept and map gas leaks with unrivalled accuracy. 

Notwithstanding the threats to life and property that gas leaks of any kind can present, there is now an equally worrying threat of wasting valuable natural resources through inadvertent leakage. 

The tools are designed for the broadest range of detection requirements. For rapid response scenarios, such as disaster recovery or any instance where large distances and sometimes hard-to-reach areas need to be covered in a hurry, high-speed mobile applications such as MobileGuard™ and the UAV-based HoverGuard™ are ideal. Users, such as surveyors, who only require the application for use on foot, can rely on the portable MicroGuard™. The possibilities are endless, and every eventuality is covered by ABB’s Natural gas leak detection solutions. 

The solutions are designed to operate autonomously or combined to find leaks fast. Each solution features the unique OA-ICOS™ technology and easy-to-use software. This advanced technology measures emissions in parts per billions which is 1000x more sensitive as well as 10x faster than traditional equipment. 

Beyond the immediate safety implications, the commitment of Osaka Gas Network to incorporating ABB technology into their gas leak detection procedures reflects a broader dedication to resource efficiency.  

By securing the Prime Minister's Award, Osaka Gas Network stands as a symbol of excellence in infrastructure maintenance, showcasing the transformative impact that innovative technologies, such as ABB's, can have on enhancing safety and efficiency in critical industries. 

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