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ABB Ability™ Portable gas leak detection solution


With MicroGuard™, walking surveyors can pinpoint leak locations as well as generate and share comprehensive digital reports within minutes. MicroGuard™ can detect, locate, and map natural gas leaks faster and more reliably than any other technology.


Find leaks fast

Leak surveyors no longer need to use slow, outdated and insensitive equipment to detect gas leaks within distribution pipelines, storage facilities, or anywhere within the natural gas infrastructure. 

This unique portable gas leak detection solution comprises ABB’s LGR-ICOS™ ultrasensitive gas analyzer, a ruggedized phablet (large phone/tablet) with GNNS capability and high-brightness screen, an ergonomic air sampling wand, and proprietary software.

MicroGuard™’s advanced software provides a rich graphical user interface, a computational platform for geospatial mapping and advanced analytics, and also automatically produces investigation reports compatible with all major geographic information systems.

Most importantly, MicroGuard can integrate drive survey data (emissions indications), recorded and shared in the cloud by MobileGuard, to enable walking surveyors to pinpoint sources in minutes.

MicroGuard Systemv2

MicroGuard - man in use_smaller picv2

Proven and accurate technology

  • Patented OA-ICOSis the most reliable gas sensing technology available
  • Deployed worldwide for scientific research in remote locations
  • Fast, high precision measurements enable pinpointing of emissions sources quickly
  • Realtime methane/ethane ratios provide source attribution
  • Data reported at 10 Hz with high sensitivity
  • No cross interferences
  • Fast gas flow response (2.5 Hz)
  • Secure internet connectivity
  • Reads digital maps generated by MobileGuard™
  • User interface (Android) maps real-time data
  • Automatically generates digital reports for import into user’s GIS

Data reported immediately

  • Customer owns, and has access to, all data always.
  • Data stored on the analyzer and, if desired, securely shared to the cloud
  • Electronic data facilitates compliance reporting and creation of digital workflow
  • System communicates using cellular wireless technology
  • Data exportable to geographical information systems (GIS)

Simple to use

  • Intuitive user interface and system operation
  • Rich graphical display shows survey route, survey area, digital data, time chart, leak indications and source attribution (pipeline gas or naturally occurring methane), and integrated data from MobileGuard™ (if shared)
  • Records data within one minute after power on (other methods either require calibration, long warm-up, and/or are 1000x less sensitive)


  • Distribution pipelines, services, storage sites
  • Gathering lines
  • Odor investigation
  • Construction verification
  • Post disaster evaluation
  • Frost line evaluation
  • Public gatherings
  • Landfill monitoring
  • Agricultural studies
  • Research studies

The LGR-ICOSTM advantages

The unique advantages of the patented LGR-ICOSTM technology make ABB’s gas analyzers the preferred choice.

Highest Precision and Sensitivity
Combines rugged, reliable near-IR diode lasers with an optical cavity to yield measurements with highest precision and sensitivity in a simple, robust package.

Widest Dynamic Range
Directly measures absorption in an optical cavity rather than only a cavity decay time. Thus provides linear response over a much wider dynamic range than conventional CRDS and TDLAS methods.

Best Performance 
Provides unsurpassed overall performance in every important metric (accuracy, speed, linearity, reliability).

Field Serviceable / Minimal Downtime 
Designed for ruggedness and reliability, in addition to performance. Overall simplicity allows easy service, if necessary.

Better Value
Analyzer performance unaffected by minor shifts in optical alignment enabling the use of simpler components and sub-systems.

Comprehensive Platform
ABB uniquely provides a comprehensive platform of solutions based on LGR-ICOS™ technology designed to address any leak detection application.

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