ABB Ability™ UAV-based gas leak detection solution


HoverGuard™ detects natural gas leaks around hard-to-reach sites such as bridges, high-rise buildings, areas with right-of-way restrictions or vegetation coverage, and pipelines.

It enables detection and mapping of natural gas leaks while flying with unprecedented speed, accuracy and reliability.


Find leaks fast

  • Enables detection and mapping of natural gas leaks while flying with unprecedented speed, accuracy and reliability. 
  • Can detect, precisely locate, and estimate the size of natural gas leaks at a rate that covers 10-15 times more land area per minute than traditional methods saving considerable time and allowing users to survey locations inaccessible by road or walking.
  • Combining patented LGR-ICOS™ laser technology, wind velocity and GNNS sensors, and advanced data analytics, the HoverGuard™ solution allows customers to detect leaks far from hard-to-reach sources in minutes.
HoverGuard System_v2

Proven and accurate technology

  • HoverGuard™ combines the world’s highest performance laser sensing technology with advanced data analytics and ABB Ability™ to allow customers up and down the natural gas value chain to detect, find, and quantify leaks quickly to increase public safety and improve human health and the global environment.

Data reported in real time


  • HoverGuard™ starts recording data within a minute after power on to respect your valuable time.
  • Data visualized (as shown on the left) on Google Earth maps using the same algorithms used successfully in MobileGuard™ our vehicle based system.

Simple to use


  • HoverGuard™ measures gas concentrations, not path-averaged column densities like other laser-based analyzers that rely on detecting scattered laser light, using its internal measurement cell, fast flow vacuum pump and patented laser absorption technology.
  • Thus, surveyors can record data by simply flying HoverGuard™ without regard to ground or other external surfaces.



  • Distribution pipelines, services, and storage sites
  • Gathering lines
  • Odor investigation
  • Construction verification
  • Post disaster evaluation 
  • Frost line evaluation
  • Public gatherings
  • Landfill monitoring
  • Agricultural studies
  • Research studies

The LGR-ICOSTM advantage

The inherent advantages of the patented LGR-ICOSTM technology make ABB’s gas analyzers the preferred choice.

  • Highest Precision and Sensitivity: LGR-ICOS combines rugged, reliable near-IR diode lasers with an optical cavity to yield measurements with highest precision and sensitivity in a simple, rugged package.
  • Widest Dynamic Range: LGR-ICOS directly measures absorption in an optical cavity rather than only a cavity decay time. Therefore, it offers a linear response over a much wider dynamic range than conventional CRDS and TDLAS methods.
  • Best Performance: LGR-ICOS analyzers provide unsurpassed overall performance in every important metric (accuracy, speed, linearity, reliability).
  • Field Serviceable / Minimal Downtime: LGR-ICOS was designed for ruggedness and reliability, in addition to performance. The overall simplicity allows easy service, if necessary.
  • Better Value: LGR-ICOS analyzer performance is unaffected by minor shifts in optical alignment. This enables the use of simpler components and fewer complex feedback control systems.
  • Comprehensive Platform: ABB uniquely provides a comprehensive platform of solutions based on LGR-ICOS and designed to address any leak detection application.
Screenshot 2021-05-10 150730HoverGuard Spec table mai 2021

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