Measurement solutions for the chemical industry

Solutions for a safe, efficient, green, and digital chemical production

The chemical industry is undergoing the most profound transformation in its history. It is a process that will allow the sector to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, as well as reduce the use of nonrenewable and hazardous materials and deploy digital advanced technologies. These changes will occur while ensuring the safe, efficient, and dependable production of sustainable chemicals. Our highly accurate, reliable, and intelligent measurement devices support customers in the transformation process and help them meet their challenges.



Production process

Customer value

Enable a more sustainable, safe, reliable and resource efficient chemical production with our smart measurement and performance assets.

1. Ensure safe and reliable operations

ABB's safety-certified smart measuring devices and assets performances tools monitor and control key processes and equipment along the entire operational value chain. Customers can reduce worker exposure to hazardous environments during equipment inspection, ensuring a safer work environment.

2. Go smart with digitalisation and automation

ABB's smart sensors are highly accurate and reliable while ensuring continuous performance. Built-in advanced diagnostic software provides information about the instrument's parameters and condition. Device variables and operating condition can be accessed both locally and remotely, supporting digital operations.

3. Go green and circular

Becoming climate neutral by 2050 means becoming resource-efficient and running operations with a low carbon footprint. ABB's smart sensors maximize the use and reuse of traditional and renewable raw materials, as well as minimize waste generated through the unnecessary replacement of operational assets.

Products portfolio

We provide the right field devices for your application


ABB has a long history of providing the right instrumentation and analyzer solutions for chemical applications and a good reputation with chemical end users.
 Web_picto_certification_100x100 Our chemical field instrument and analysis technology meets stringent design and manufacturing requirements for safety instrument and it is accredited externally.
 Web_picto_field-instrument_100x100 Our technology embedded automated safety functions that harness the power of measurement, diagnostics, verification, and reliable proof-testing to monitor and inform about the health of equipment.
 Web_picto_smart-tech_100x100 Our smart sensors can be easily integrated into both existing and new industrial plant architectures, allowing for data exchange across all layers. Choosing the right sensor will help your factory run safely. Therefore, our technicians can help you define the right technology for your individual case.




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