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Solids analyzer

The MB3600-CH40 “solids analyzer” is designed to perform fast and accurate determination of key physico-chemical attributes of raw materials, in-process or finished products in solid form such as powders, pellets, grains and agrochemicals.



The MB3600-CH40 “solids analyzer” provides fine and specialty chemical companies a fast and non-destructive alternative to compendial QA/QC analytical methods that are usually slow, expensive and complex.

Those companies must be able to check rapidly and regularly chemical specifications of the different product grades to minimize reworks, downgrading and quality giveaways. The MB3600-CH40 is particularly adapted to agrochemical suppliers who need to facilitate the safe and efficient use of their crop protection formulations while ensuring protection of workers, end-users and environment.

It is also an ideal tool for fertilizer producers who need to characterize their raw materials and develop predictive indicators for transformation dynamics and fertilization value of organic matter. The analyser can also be fitted with optional accessories to analyse liquids or gel samples. 


Fast and accurate FT-NIR analysis of solids material

Traditional QA/QC analytical methods typically require some fractionation, titration, drying, weighing or separation steps to be executed by qualified analytical personnel for assay determination. In contrast, the MB3600-CH40 is a fast, simple to use and maintenance-free analytical tool. Its measurement principle is based on near-infrared spectroscopy, a well established analytical technique for quantitative determination of chemical and physical properties of solid and liquid chemical samples.

The large number of properties that can be determined from a single MB3600-CH40 measurement combined with the speed and simplicity of analysis make it a very attractive alternative for companies confronted with an increasing demand for multiple time-consuming and reagent-intensive analyses.

The results are statistically comparable to those found by traditional laboratory techniques. In addition, the instrument can be used by operators without analytical expertise, and its implementation allows reducing organic solvent consumption and waste generation while increasing sample measurement frequency.

Wide variety of easily interchangeable accessories
The MB3600-CH40 comes by default with a rotating diffuse reflectance accessory with large sample area for analysis of solids, pellets or powders in scintillation vials. In addition, it is a scalable analyzer that can be fitted with a variety of easily interchangeable accessories that do not require alignment to accommodate all kinds of samples.
Among others, the following sampling options are available:
− Universal heatable vial holder (analysis of liquids and waxes in disposable vials with 5 mm, 8 mm and 12 mm outer diameter)
− Hand-held “pen” probe (powders)
− Fiber-optic launcher to interface with flow-through cells (liquids), transmission probes (liquids), transflectance probes (opaque liquids) or diffuse reflectance probes (powders)
− Fiber-optic coupled disposable temperature controlled vial (liquids)
− Temperature controlled transmission cell (liquids)


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