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Ethernet comes to the field

Measurement performance at the speed of light

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The first flow measurement devices leading the way


The business case for digitization is undisputed

Power over Ethernet

Omits the need for a separate DC power infrastructure - power and comms via the same cable

Secure web server

Allows easy ability to check readings and trouble-shoot problems with no need for tools and drivers to set up the meter

Integrated device verification

Creates a convenient way to check meters via the web and print comprehensive reports

High performance Ethernet switch

Provides redundant connections to the PLC operator panel and also daisy-chain wiring to save installation costs

Leading industrial Ethernet protocols

Enables use of any industrial protocol - from simple Modbus TCP, to high performance EtherNet/IP

Dynamic QR Code

Transfers device health and verification results quickly and remotely to mobile devices

Ready for TSN and secure industrial protocols

Prepares operations for the future, as network convergence will soon be brought down to meters with multiple protocols

Start upgrade 4...20 mA installations

Combines 4..20 mA output and future-proofs digital communications with up to 100Mbit/s

What does this mean for you?



PoE uses standard Ethernet cables like a typical network. Special tools, additional electrical outlets, different cables, and expensive hardware are no longer required.


Remote and centralized power, along with scalable solutions, allow flexibility in adapting to the changing needs of an application.

Cost savings

PoE uses off-the-shelf components. Part of an installation from the start or as a later upgrade, PoE needs just one cable, cutting installation efforts in half.

Increased reliability

Centralized power enables back-up solutions with uninterruptible power supply systems. Devices can be remotely powered down during periods of low usage or for security or safety reasons.

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