Applications of LMT200 magnetostrictive level transmitters

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Magnetostrictive level transmitters are novel liquid and interface level detection technologies that operate on a unique measuring principle.

This requires a field-mounted sensor head, a waveguide, and an internal magnetic float. The level head generates electrical pulses which travel through the vertical wiring within the waveguide or sensor tube. These fixed pulses generate a magnetic field around the wire, which interacts with the float inside the containment or process chamber.

Magnorestrictive level transmitter

The interaction between the wire’s magnetic field and the magnetic float creates what is known as a torsional stress wave, which propagates at a predetermined velocity through the wire. Sensing elements in the head of the magnetostrictive level transmitter convert this mechanical signal into a time of flight measurement, providing accurate level detection based on the float position.

LMT series magnetostrictive level transmitters from ABB

The LMT series from ABB is a range of modular, magnetostrictive level transmitters engineered with innovative microprocessor-based electronics. They are designed for the most demanding level measurement applications in the world, including industries as varied as petrochemical, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, and many more.

Some of the most severe measuring applications require non-intrusive systems such as the LMT200 series. These utilize external mountings and specialized sensor tube wiring to acquire level measurements proportional to the position of an internal magnetic float, with incredible degrees of accuracy (within 0.01% of the full scale).

In this blog post, we will briefly outline three of the most demanding applications of ABB’s LMT200 series of magnetostrictive level transmitters.

Ammonia vaporizer control

Ammonia (NH3) is used worldwide to selectively neutralize nitrous oxides (NOx) generated in the industrial and electric utility boilers of energy generation facilities. NOx emissions are strictly regulated worldwide, and plant operators are consistently tasked with how to safely and sustainably reduce pollutive emissions to acceptable and ethical levels. The use of vaporized ammonia in NOx emission control is problematic as it is an extremely volatile gas that is highly reactive with aqueous compounds. Exposure to ammonia can cause severe harm to operating personnel.

Owing to its all-external design, the LMT200 magnetostrictive level transmitter can reliably eliminate the risk of exposure due to leaks with improved measuring accuracy at limited installation costs and reduced ongoing operating expenses.

Boiler level control

ABB’s LMT200 systems have also been successfully integrated into energy-intensive sugar production facilities. Our non-intrusive magnetostrictive level transmitter was installed onto a critical boiler that generated all of a high throughput facility’s energy, alongside the necessary steam for mechanical grinding processes. This technology functions to a high degree of accuracy continuously, ensuring the plant can continue operating for extended periods.

Oleum acid tower

Another key benefit of external magnetostrictive level transmitters is their isolation from toxic or corrosive measuring media. This is integral for various petrochemical facilities, where hazardous agents such as hydrofluoric acid or oleum acid can cause integrated measuring components to rapidly degrade.

ABB’s LMT200 series has proven beneficial in oleum level monitoring, which is a complex and corrosive chemical that must be carefully controlled and contained. When exposed to atmospheric gases, oleum may form harmful clouds of sulfuric acid gas. Our advanced magnetostrictive level transmitters negated this issue by circumventing the need to penetrate the containment tower for necessary measuring processes.

Level measurements with ABB

This outline represents just a few of the outstanding capabilities of ABB’s LMT200 series magnetostrictive level transmitters. With exceptional accuracy levels and superior sensing capacities, this technology is aptly suited to extreme measuring environments with a range of customizable solutions available for unique challenges.

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