Wet Process Analyzer for Semiconductor, FPD and Solar Cell manufacturing
FTPA2000-SC series  

ABB's wet process analyzer (WPA) is designed to optimize bath life without risk of contamination. It provides a fast, cost effective, space efficient and reliable means of monitoring the composition of various solutions used in cleaning, etching, and stripping baths. 




ABB supplies the semiconductor, solar cell and flat panel display industries with the first in-situ, real time, non-contact analyzer for wet bench monitoring. ABB is not only a global leader in real time measurements for process control but the leading supplier of fiber optic multi-bath FT-NIR instrumentation to the electronics and solar power industries. 

With numerous standard calibrations and a scientific staff dedicated to custom applications, the ABB Wet Process Analyzer has been installed in over a thousand baths worldwide. 
The WPA is the only analyzer with a lifetime warranty on its optical “engine:” this is a robust, stable, low maintenance analyzer providing unsurpassed results. When the WPA shows a property trending up or down, it is a real trend not analyzer drift.

The ABB Wet Process Analyzer (WPA)

  • Provides real time characterization and control of wet chemistries
  • Provides real time monitoring of wet chemistry performance
  • Enables real time advanced process control
  • Maximizes the lifetime of all wet chemistries
  • Minimizes waste in high value wet chemistries
  • Reduces the cost associated with laboratory testing
  • Increases tool throughput 

Contact us to learn about our Solar Cell texturing bath solutions at ftir@ca.abb.com

The WPA is capable of measuring Acidic and Alkaline baths, measuring all components including silicate. The advanced technology of the WPA optical configuration allows ABB to offer guaranteed results.



Wet Process Analyzer Features

Reducing excursion events and chemical usage is best obtained through process control, which requires real-time end-of-bath monitoring and bath spiking. The WPA is based on FT-IR technology—a minimal drift system enabling reliable process control.

  • Completely non-contact, non-intrusive sensor technology (measurements taken through the PTFE tubing)
  • Fast installation with no downtime
  • Remote, simultaneous monitoring of up to eight points
  • Each monitoring point can be located on a different wet bench and can use a different chemistry
  • Pre-calibrated for the most common cleaning and etching chemistries
  • Results can be sent to a wet station for real time control
  • Zero sample preparation (no reagents required)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Self-diagnostic system ensuring reliability of results
  • Field serviceable and upgradeable

The Clippir is a unique and revolutionary monitoring technology from ABB for wet chemistry analysis.

The Clippir is the heart and soul of our Wet Process Analyzer which is designed to optimize semiconductor manufacturing processes. ABB’s WPA system can analyze a chemical bath resulting in no wetted parts which eliminates bath contamination concerns.

This sampling accessory is installed quickly and easily onto existing wet bench tubing, with no downtime. The simple clip-on accessory provides a fast, cost effective, and reliable means of monitoring and controlling the composition of solutions used in cleaning, etching, and stripping baths. Installation of the ACC127 Clippir for the wet bench can be done in minutes, with no risk of contamination and no downtime. Its very small footprint enables it to be used in any situation, regardless of space constraints. This combination of non-intrusive measurement and point of use space efficiency is unequaled in the semiconductor industry.

As many as eight Clippir devices can be connected to a single analyzer which can be installed at a distance of up to 100 meters from the clean room. Each of the eight baths monitored by one WPA can be of different chemistries with multiple properties measured on each bath. The Wet Process Analyzer can monitor most wet chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Its accurate results will enable you to make process decisions with complete confidence, on a real time basis.

With this accessory, ABB gives you real time process control for chemistries, maximizing throughput yield while minimizing the overall cost of ownership.



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