Tundish EMS electromagnetic stirrer for billet and bloom casting, and metal powder production

Enables steelmakers to do even more to control steel flow in tundish. The result is cleaner, better quality steel, increased productivity and profitability.

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Tundish EMS allows steelmakers to overcome the limitations of tundish furniture by providing even better control of liquid steel flow throughout the entire tundish melt bath, enhancing temperature and chemical homogeneity and stability across outlets. It also enables the removal of much smaller inclusions as well as inclusion clusters, reduces nozzle clogging and increase the number of casting heats that can be carried out in sequence. The result is cleaner and better-quality steel, as well as more repeatable, uniform and efficient casting conditions.
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Your Challenges
  • Tundish design poses certain challenges to controlling the flow of liquid steel in tundish, needed to maximize end-product quality and productivity in billet and bloom casting and metal powder production

  • Tundish furniture systems have limited ability to homogenize and stabilize temperature throughout the entire tundish melt bath, and across multiple strands/outlets. 

  • Existing solutions only go so far to remove inclusions in tundish and do not do enough to remove smaller inclusions and inclusion clusters.

Our Solution
  • Tundish EMS electromagnetic stirrer delivers a global stirring force throughout the entire tundish melt bath with no dead zones

  • Melt bath temperature and chemical content are rapidly homogenized and stabilized across outlets

  • Inclusion collision, aggregation and removal are increased to improve steel cleanliness

  • A low melt surface speed is maintained to promote a calm slag layer and avoid slag entrapment

  • Provides accurate, homogenous and stable control of steel temperature in tundish

  • Delivers global stirring throughout the entire tundish melt volume

  • Stirring direction and intensity are adjustable

  • Tundish EMS is placed on the outside of the tundish and employees non-contact electromagnetic stirring technology with long lifespan and almost no maintenance

  • Installation configurations are available for various tundish types

  • Increased non-metallic inclusion removal and overall steel cleanliness

  • Improved productivity by increasing no' of sequence casting heats before nozzle clogs

  • Enhanced quality with better temperature homogenization and stability throughout the entire tundish melt bath and across multiple strands

  • Reduced cost by lowering consumption of refractory materials and other tundish furniture

  • Increased energy-efficiency by reducing superheat at tundish, avoiding casting delays and premature solidification

  • Better overall process repeatability and reliability

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