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Improving availability, reliability, predictability & sustainability of your assets

In an ever-changing world, industry is facing fluctuating energy and operating costs and insecure energy supply while demand for electrification continue to increase. At the same time, companies are under pressure to cut emissions and evolve their business models as their electrical assets get older and available investment is shrinking.

ABB Electrification Service partners with utility, industrial and commercial customers across all industries to manage their energy and electrical infrastructure as strategic operational assets in a safe, smart, and sustainable way.

Did you know?

life cycle managment
10 times

Running a piece of equipment to the point of failure could cost up to 10 times more than investing in a program of regular maintenance.
improving reliability
30 years

Upgrading outdated components is where businesses can achieve the largest carbon and cost savings, thus reducing the cost of operating equipment by a third and extending its lifecycle by as much as 30 years.

By replacing older, non-digital circuit breakers with more intelligent breakers, linked up to an advanced ABB monitoring system, some facilities have improved their energy capacity by up to 20% and reduced their operational costs by up to 30%.

Services for low-voltage and medium-voltage systems

Services for any industry

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Adding value to your business

Our difference
Sustainable services

Combining field and digital services provides endless opportunities for your operations

Through product care and servicing to modernizing operations and providing advisory services on the health of your electrical distribution system, we help customers like you extend the lifespan of their assets, maximize performance, improve energy efficiency, and cut carbon emissions.

Sustainable services

Electrification Services make our products more sustainable by extending the lifecycle of equipment, through repairs, preventative maintenance, upgrades and retrofits. Our digital and remote services can cut travel and carbon emissions made by field engineers. At the end of its lifecycle, our recycling and disposal services ensures minimum environmental impact.

Service business in numbers

Dedicated team of more than 3000 world-class service professionals.
Over 500 solutions available - from retrofitting circuit breakers to Augmented Reality (AR)innovations.
Global presence in more than 50 countries across 5 continents.
37 workshops and 12 technology centers.
More than 250 000 MV and LV assets serviced in a year.
Servicing an installed base of 17 million installations from Low Voltage to Medium Voltage equipment components and systems.

Service in action

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Our commitment to you

Our talented team of more than 3,000 service experts across 51 countries, spanning over 3 regions support utility, industrial, infrastructure and building sectors to deliver new levels of operational efficiency to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. Through our digital solutions, we deliver deeper insights for greater optimization, responsiveness, and connectivity.

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