everyday heroes

Meet the people electrifying our world through innovative services and the latest technology

Our everyday heroes

The everyday heroes from ABB Electrification
Service do more than keep the lights on and
our trains running on time. They guarantee the continuous delivery of energy and data to keep industries operating across the globe.

Our talented team of 3,000+ service experts improve the availability and reliability of power, and help customers all over the world maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs and carbon emissions. We’ve captured some of their stories.

Meet our new hero

Meet Liliana Torres, Global Marketing Manager for Electrification Service based in Florida, USA and an ABB everyday hero. A passionate global marketer, Liliana is driving initiatives to promote the Electrification Service portfolio in line with customer needs and market demands. She leads a globally dispersed team – from New Zealand to Thailand to Rome – steering initiatives to deliver unparalleled service and customer experiences.

Meet Brandon

Meet Brandon Morgan, a Senior Field Service Engineer from the United States, and an ABB everyday hero. 

Brandon and his team partner with customers in auto-manufacturing to increase their operational efficiency and avoid costly downtime. It’s because of everyday heroes like Brandon that our customers have round the clock access to technical support, trusted service and clean power.

Meet Anna

Meet Anna Mazzoleni from the Service team in Dalmine, Italy and an ABB everyday hero. Anna brings the latest technological innovations to ABB customers and it's because of everyday heroes like Anna, that customers can access the best possible solutions and leverage AR and AI in their operations.

Meet Johnie

Meet Johnie Watkins, a Senior Field Engineer from the United States and an ABB everyday hero.

Johnie has worked with ABB for almost 20 years, and his passion for the job and dedication to his customers remains steadfast. Rain, hail or shine, Johnie makes sure our customers have access to safe, reliable and efficient power 24/7.

When he’s not on a customer site, Johnie’s sharing his technical expertise with younger engineers to equip them with the best possible skills to manage our customers’ electrical assets in the most safe, smart and sustainable way.

Meet Derya

Meet Derya Turkayoglu, ABB Electrification Service division’s National Operations Manager from Australia and an ABB everyday hero.

Derya’s leadership ensures the availability and reliability of power for customers in some of Australia’s largest industries such as manufacturing, commercial buildings, oil & gas and more.

It’s because of everyday heroes like Derya, that customers have the means to modernize their infrastructure and deliver critical services that power our lives.

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