These are the people electrifying our world through innovative services and the latest technology

Meet our everyday heroes

What does the phrase ‘everyday hero’ mean to you? At ABB Electrification Service, we think it means someone who is continuously working to help our customers achieve maximized energy efficiency. 
It means someone who advocates for safe, sustainable energy. It means someone who is ready, day or night, to help keep the lights on.

ABB Electrification Service has more than 3,000 service experts working across five continents. From advisory services and installations through to preventive maintenance and upgrades, these everyday heroes are writing the future of smart, safe electrification.

Keep scrolling to hear stories of the innovative spirit, lifelong dedication, and passion for creating a more sustainable future shared by all the ABB Electrification Service everyday heroes.

A proactive approach to service

Meet Xu Chuan – ABB Field Service Engineer from Xiamen, China, 
and an everyday hero.

Xu Chuan has helped maintain, repair and replace electrical assets for wind farms, coal mines, switch factories, and more, for nearly 30 years. His proactive approach to service has helped customers avoid costly downtime, improve electrical asset lifespan, and ensured a safe working environment for all involved.

Xu Chuan, Field Service Engineer
Xiamen, China
28 years at ABB

Peace of mind for our customers, and a vision for the future

Meet Liliana Torres, Global Marketing Manager for Electrification Service based in Florida, USA and an ABB everyday hero.
A passionate global marketer, Liliana is driving initiatives to promote the Electrification Service portfolio in line with customer needs and market demands. She leads a globally dispersed team – from New Zealand to Thailand to Rome – steering initiatives to deliver unparalleled service and customer experiences.
Liliana Torres, Global Head of Marketing
Florida, USA
5 years at ABB

Solving customers’ most challenging problems

Meet Brandon Morgan, a Senior Field Service Engineer from the United States, and an ABB everyday hero. 

Brandon and his team partner with customers in auto-manufacturing to increase their operational efficiency and avoid costly downtime. It’s because of everyday heroes like Brandon that our customers have round the clock access to technical support, trusted service and clean power.
Brandon Morgan, Senior Field Service Engineer
Indiana, USA
21 years at ABB

Meet more everyday heroes

Our everyday heroes come from all over the world, connected by a commitment to helping our customers meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

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