Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we deal with the ABB service team?

Choosing ABB Service means choosing a team of experts that is fully committed to ensuring maximum system availability and productivity. Our services are designed to meet your needs and help you reduce maintenance costs, optimize performance, and extend equipment life. With our global network of service centers and local expertise, you can count on us to provide reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions that deliver long-term value.

Why should I engage ABB instead of a local service provider?

ABB Experts are prepared to provide service excellence. We update our technicians with the latest training, check their knowledge with regular assessments to ensure they are well-versed with the most current product information. Close interaction with Quality and Research and Development teams makes them true product experts.

Where can I find ABB recommended activities & interval of maintenances across various products?

At ABB, we are committed to providing personalized support to help our customers optimize their operations and maintenance, and thus minimize downtime. There are many ways you can access our Service team recommendation. Our Power Care Service Agreement customers receive a free custom maintenance plan tailored to their specific needs by an ABB expert. The expert can also guide you on the recommended actions after a dedicated assessment. SWAPs is a free online service used to guide ABB customers to design a maintenance plan based on the specific environmental and operational conditions. The planning is for all switchgear line-up and includes recommendation for retrofits of circuit breakers and protection relays.
In general, feel free to reach out to one of our experts and we will be more than happy to guide you.

Do you provide services for ABB-branded equipment only?

We provide a full range of Advisory, Care and Modernization services for ABB equipment and a long list of acquired legacy brands. ABB provides Advisory and Modernization services for other brands, however Care services are less applicable.

I hear that my product is obsolete, how do I confirm this, and what support is available?

ABB Life Cycle Management webpage features information on the life cycle status of ABB Electrification products.  For customers with a Power Care service agreement, ABB offers access to advanced analytics on the life cycle of installed base, available via ABB Connect Partner Hub.

What is ABB service response time if we sign a troubleshooting contract?

ABB keeps as one of its top priorities to provide high quality support promptly. To the customers that sign a Power Care Service Agreement contract that includes troubleshooting support, we generally deploy 24/7 assistance on site with an agreed response time. However, the availability can vary according to the site location and country by country. ABB also offers state-of-the-art Augmented Reality remote support services with RAISE, to provide you with an almost immediate response time.

Why should we maintain a minimum quantity of spare parts for our installation?

It is extremely important to have the recommended spare parts on stock to grant availability of the electrical installation. Environmental and operational conditions can greatly influence the health of the electrical equipment and being prepared with the right spare parts in case of need can help ensuring uptime.

Can ABB keep some spares in their stock to support customers?

Yes. Our virtual stock management service ensures that ABB spare parts are available for our customers with short lead times, providing greater reliability and minimizing downtime. The availability of this service may vary from country to country, and we encourage customers to contact us for more information on how we can help them manage their spare parts needs. Additionally, customers who sign up for our Power Care service agreements can benefit from this and even more comprehensive service solutions.

Where can I get spare parts for ABB switchgear, breakers, and relays?

Certified spares and consumables are available to ABB only. We ensure that they are at the latest revision level, keeping your installation bug free. Our local offices have stock, and we provide service-level agreements in which spare parts may be included, along with all the other solutions of ABB Service portfolio.

How long will it take to retrofit a circuit breaker (MV & LV)? Do I need an outage and for how long?

The outage time depends on the solution used for the retrofit. Our Service experts will inspect the existing equipment’s condition and provide the ideal solution for a switchgear. ABB offers number of retrofit solutions for LV and MV switchgear depending on configuration:

  • Direct Replacement or Roll-in-Replacement type solutions require less than 1 hour of shutdown.
  • Cradle-in-Cradle solutions require typically 2 hours shutdown.
  • Hard Bus Retrofit / Retrofill solutions require shutdown period of 4-16 hours depending on the current rating of the existing equipment.

Our retrofit solutions and documentation are available via retrofit selector link.

Beside switchgear, breakers and relay related services, do you cover electric machines like motors and transformers?

ABB Electrification and Motion Services cover synergically the whole spectrum of the electrical network.

How can I get technical support from ABB?

CLOSER app can be downloaded from stores free of charge and provides a first level of self-support. From the same you can virtually get an expert at your side with a remote assisted session of RAISE. Our experts are also available to come to your site for providing conventional kind of support services.

What’s the reaction time of ABB in case of an emergency?

We provide both conventional call-out assistance and remote assistance with agreed response time as part of our Power Care support agreements. We always do our best also for spot requests, but the relevant reaction times are affected by too many factors, thus ranging a lot.

When does ABB recommend performing maintenance?

There is not a single answer, visit our SWAPs maintenance program page, and get your customized plan free of charge.

What are the differences between the level of maintenance provided by ABB & what is the added value for these levels versus the 3rd party services provided in the market?

ABB maintenance offers added value through its expertise, experience, and global network. ABB's technicians are highly trained and certified to work on ABB equipment, ensuring the highest levels of accountability, quality, and safety. Additionally, ABB has a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in the industry, enabling them to identify potential problems before they occur and offer customized solutions. Finally, ABB's global network provides access to a wide range of resources and support, ensuring fast response times and minimizing downtime for their customers. While generalist service providers may offer lower costs, they cannot match the added value that ABB brings to the table; additionally, having one supplier for both product and service simplifies your supply chain and provides a single point of contact for any issues or inquiries.

Does ABB provide site assessments?

We provide such a service, but how urgent is your request? Visit our preliminary assessment pages for Medium Voltage and Low Voltage to get a quick feedback.

What’s the impact of digitalization on equipment operators?

There was a time when a good technician was someone with a good ear and a screwdriver. That was enough to spot an issue. Times have changed. Today, our Electrification products are far more digitally interconnected to better perform in terms of asset and energy management.

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