Maintenance program for successful and lasting use of your assets

SWAPs is a maintenance program based on 5 levels of maintenance (See, Watch, Act, Perform, Secure), where intervals are defined according to the assessment of the equipment environmental and operational conditions, age, previous maintenance performed, and presence of monitoring and diagnostic solutions. The schedule continues till the equipment reaches its end of life, also recommending the right time for relay and circuit breaker retrofit.

Key benefits

  • Maintenance schedule based on the actual condition of the equipment, tailored to a specific line-up
  • Productivity maximization
  • Protection of assets
  • Investment optimization

Key features

Maintenance personnel

  • See, Watch, Act: trained personnel / or by ABB certified technicians on request
  • Perform and Secure: ABB certified technicians


  • Three classes of conditions: optimal, normal and severe. Optimal conditions allow the increase of maintenance intervals by 30%, while severe ones imply their reduction by 50%

Monitoring and diagnostics (M&D) 

  • The presence of M&D solutions allow to increase maintenance intervals by 30%, independently of the conditions

Maintenance activities 

  • SWAPs includes the list of activities to be carried out for each maintenance level

UPS maintenance

  • SWAPs allows to include UPS maintenance into the overall maintenance plan

Create your own SWAPs Maintenance Plan for:

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