Life Cycle Management

Life cycle management is the process that enables ABB to innovate and manage the products and related services throughout the entire business life cycle – effectively and efficiently. We are transparent about ABB products' life cycle and support our customers in managing a smooth transition through the different life-cycle stages.

The ABB life cycle management process originates from:

  • IEC 62402, the IEC Application Guide about Obsolescence Management, which stresses the importance of managing obsolescence as an integral part of the design, development, production and in-service support of a product
  • The extensive, lengthy experience of ABB for the management of products and their life cycle.

Four stages define the ABB Electrification Life-Cycle policy:

Life-Cycle Status records and announcements

ABB is committed to keeping customers informed. Life Cycle announcements and Life Cycle notes are issued by ABB as an integral part of the Product Life Cycle Management process. To monitor your installed base Life-Cycle Status, you can access our LCM Database:

Our service expertise

Why ABB Service?

ABB partners with you to deliver time-effective and agile equipment management services for maximized performance. At ABB, we work every day to protect and maximize the return on investment from your assets.


Leverage agile frameworks

We guarantee robust yet responsive services leveraging experienced professionals and advanced technologies, to get expertise prepared for excellence where and when you need it.

Stay one step ahead

Our data-driven, fully digital monitoring features are specifically designed for proactive energy management, to ensure your business is always ahead of events on site.

Maximize cost-effectiveness

Improve quality and rapidity of repairs and maintenance dramatically, protecting your business uptime and upscaling first time fix speed and rate.

Capitalize on low hanging fruit

Take value-adding opportunities by keeping your system high-performing through maintenance and upgrades solutions deployed at the right time.

Prioritize safety

Working with Electrification products might involve a highly dangerous context. In each support process, ABB experts will prioritize safety of themselves and your personnel.


ABB advocates for your business and the planet’s sustainability, this is why we deploy the right people and digital tools to reduce expensive trips to sites and thus minimize CO2 emissions.

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