Enhance the reliability and extend the operational life of switchgear with minimum investment and downtime

Enhance safety, performance and lifespan of your switchgear

ABB offers upgrade services to evolve or upgrade the existing system to the next generation hardware and software. Our upgrade solutions enhance the system availability, reliability, safety and extend the operational life of switchgear with minimum investment and downtime. The major part such as switchgear frame, bus bars, mechanical structure and power cable mostly remains same while replacement or addition is done for the specific switchgear components thereby extending the switchgear’s operational life.

Our expertise

life cycle managment

Upgrading obsolete components with latest ABB technology.


Renewing a system or components while maintaining the existing plant and equipment configuration. 


Short implementation and replacement times with warranty on upgrade work. 


Upgrading existing old INSUM system to MNS Digital.

Digital revolution

Technical revolutions have introduced the equipment with increasingly advanced electronics, cloud platforms for managing plant and energy parameters, as well as tools allowing predictive maintenance to be carried out. 

On-premises condition monitoring retains the analysed data within the plant operations system. The integration of on-premise condition monitoring system, ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for electrical systems, provides added value by enabling condition based and predictive maintenance capabilities to help increase uptime and decrease maintenance cost.   

ABB solutions for technological upgrading of electrical distribution systems are easy to apply by allowing the introduction of ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager, and ABB Cloud platform into existing installations, which provides real-time understanding of your energy consumption and identifies areas for improvement.  

Key benefits:

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Extends switchgear’s performance and operational life.


Saves costs and time associated with a switchgear upgrade: only the specific system related components are targeted. 


Minimum or no change in the existing system while upgrading it to the latest standards. 


Avoiding unplanned outages while optimizing operating costs. 


Assured availability of life cycle services through active product usage.


Possibility to upgrade the installation instead of changing it contributes to circular economy and sustainability.  

Key features:


Supports both a complete upgrade as well as a phased upgrade approach. 


Possibility to make the switchgear safer and more reliable through addition of latest hardware and software. 


Detailed consultation and system integration support. 


Upgrade to the latest version of same product convenient for operating and maintenance personnel. 


Safety upgrade with a possibility to add Arc fault protection, temperature and humidity monitoring and partial discharge monitoring. 


Digital upgrade with on-premises or cloud connectivity providing visibility of asset and electrical system behavior. 

Services to meet your needs

Digital & Performance Upgrade



INSUM 1 system upgrade

Switchgear digital upgrades offer solutions to both enhance the reliability and extend the operational life of the switchgear with minimum investment and downtime.

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MNS digital upgrade

ABB Low Voltage Switchgear Digital connects intelligent devices and sensors with a data interface to the ABB Ability™ platform and makes data available on-premise through the ABB Ability™ CMES.

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RMU digital upgrades

ABB’s technologies help to transform traditional power networks into smarter networks that can deliver renewable power over long distances, while maintaining reliability and availability.

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Protection relay upgrades

ABB provides various modification and upgrade services that allow product alteration even years after purchase. 

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Safety Upgrade 



Arc Guard

The arc flash incident energy will in turn determine how much damage an arc flash will cause. ABB is a leader in electrical safety with the TVOC-2 Arc Guard System™ providing an unrivalled optical arc flash mitigation device with the fastest reaction time on the market.

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UFES solutions

The Ultra-Fast Earthing Switch of type UFES is a combination of devices consisting of an electronic unit and the corresponding primary switching elements which initiate a 3-phase short-circuit to earth in the event of a fault.

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Fault current Is-Limiter

ABB’s Is-limiter is a customized fault current limiter solution that meets the highest requirements for critical and complex applications resolving all possible short-circuit challenges.

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TruckMaster is the portable remote racking unit that implements remote racking operations of circuit breakers to bring safety of substation personnel to a new level.

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Remote racking

ABB vacuum circuit breakers can be provided with a fully integrated motor operated racking system for their use in new replacement switchgear / retrofit breaker or as part of the hard-bus and cradle-in-cradle retro-fill solutions.

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ArcSwitch® enables to operate from a safe distance between personnel and equipment during switching operations and provides the most effective means of avoiding injury by keeping people out of harm’s way.

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