TruckMaster – Enhanced personnel safety

TruckMaster is the portable remote racking unit that implements remote racking operations of circuit breakers to bring safety of substation personnel to a new level.

An electric arc can occur for several reasons, such as human error or bad connections. Accidents are quite unusual but when they happen, their consequences may be very severe. Operators are always exposed to these risks when working in the switchgear room. Fla­mes, ejected parts, smoke and overpressure are the main effects of an arc fault in a non-arc classified switchgear. When the fault happens in an arc-classified switchgear not equipped with a proper exhaust gas duct, smoke is released in the room.

Maintaining a safe distance between personnel and equipment during operations provides the most effective means of avoiding injury by keeping people out of harm’s way.

Remote racking provides a safe operating environment for personnel through the proven method of adding distance between the operator and arc flash incident energy at the switchgear site.

Enhanced switchgear operability preventing human errors can be achieved by:

  • Integrating a motor operated racking system on each new or retrofit breaker, when frequent operation from the control system is required.
  • Installing a TruckMaster portable device per each switchgear line-up for maintenance related operations by the station personnel.

TruckMaster design integrates a portable external driver controlled by the operator through a remote console. A single portable driver and the relevant console are required in the switchroom to implement the remote racking operations after the proper arrangement of each panel of the line-up.

Different TruckMaster variants are available in order to fullfill a wide range of application needs:

  • TruckMaster Cassette (CS) for rotative racking mechanisms
  • TruckMaster Floor-rolling (FR) for ratchet linear racking mechanisms


Why ABB?

  • Increased personnel safety thanks to the operator’s distance from the circuit breaker during racking 
  • Enhanced switchgear operability preventing human errors related to manual operation  
  • Easy application of the portable driver to the switchgear door
  • User-friendly ergonomic console
  • Equipment position indicated remotely
  • Mechanical interlocks preserved for manual operation
  • Easy storage in the switchroom
  • Optimized investment using a single portable device for the whole line up

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