ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for electrical systems (CMES)

The ability to identify and manage problems in the electrical system before they occur

Monitor the condition of ABB's low voltage switchgear and motor control center NeoGear , MNS and MNS iS, and its connected loads, analyze past and current events to prevent, predict conditions and monitor and manage energy consumption - anytime from anywhere, with ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for electrical systems (CMES).

The ABB Ability™ CMES is the innovative on premise-based monitoring platform that enables switchgear operators and plant maintenance managers to monitor and manage electrical distribution systems and motor control center via smartphone, tablet or computer in real time to optimize maintenance and operational costs and energy consumption. Installed as integral part of the switchgear assembly at the time of manufacturing the solution monitors the complete lifetime of a switchgear from FAT in the manufacturers’ assembly location, through commissioning including start-up phase and operational life.

Cloud connectivity options complete the solution offering. Thus, the condition monitoring solution enables predictive capabilities that reduces downtime needed for maintenance, and enables users to reduce operational costs.

Availability. Reliability. Maintainability. ABB Ability™ CMES.

Every ability you need to succeed

The Ability to


Switchgear conditions such as temperature, current levels, energy consumption, alarm and warning levels are collected and stored for further analysis, real-time data enable user to make right decision at right time.


Algorithms that consider multiple data and do not require human input make decisions i.e. whether a temperature increase is a critical situation due to loose connection or a normal situation due to increase load demand.


Counting repeating activities of a period such as removing and inserting withdrawable functional units in a switchgear assembly decide on the next maintenance cycle. Preventive maintenance based on a schedule is a past.


Unusual levels of energy consumption even of smaller loads influence total plant operational costs. Identifying such and similar situations enable process optimization at a new scale.

ABB Ability CMES

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