Integrated intelligence to the core

The design of MNS iS incorporated fully segregated power and control cable compartment for independent access. The withdrawable units are incorporates equipped with the smart sensor technology for measuring current, voltage and contact temperature. Control and protection components, installed separately from electrical circuits, are connected to the data concentrator, that collects all switchgear and starter/feeder information and distributes right information to right operator. This means process related information is sent to Process Operator and electrical oriented information to electrical operator in real time. Information to electrical operator can also be offered based on condition monitoring so that the plant electrical staff can operate the switchgear with ease and can maintain the switchgear in top condition- tackling the day to day situation proactively. 

Main benefits

  • Unmatched safety for the protection of personnel and plant
  • Reliable, flexible and scalable
  • Easy to and fast to maintain
  • Reduced footprint due to the most compact module size
  • Switchgear real time 'Condition Monitoring' functionality to support pro-active maintenance
  • Increased plant availability

Main features 

  • Standard power modules to reduce module and stock variants as well as minimize Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR)
  • Flexible control modules to support wide range of applications and provide easy configuration of process related interlockings
  • Integrated control schematics for easy configuration
  • Main contact including a high precision shunt that measures current, voltage and temperature offering detailed system information
  • Flexible communication and user interfaces support easy  integration, operation and web based navigation
  • Electronic advanced motor protection

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