MNS® Rear

Rear access low-voltage switchgear assembly

Where switch room space limitation or operation accessibility demands separation of operation and cable termination area, the MNS Rear solution provides the perfect fit. The possibility to access cable termination at the rear side without any derating, the MNS Rear layout further significantly reduces the width of power distribution switchgear bundled with maximum safety and ease of operation and maintenance.

Main benefits

  • Unmatched safety for protection of personnel and plant
  • Reduced operational expenditure through maintenance free bus bar and frame design by MNS
  • Increased availability through modular design withdrawable technology
  • Reliable, flexible and scalable design
  • Space saving due to separation of cable termination accessible from the rear side

Main features 

  • Fully certified to IEC 61439-1/-2 low-voltage switchgear assembly up to 690V, Main busbar up to 7300A,Icw up to 100kA; Distribution busbar up to 1500A, Icw up to 100kA
  • Passive arc protection criteria 1 to 7, tested acc. IEC TR 61641 Ed.3 criteria 1 to 7, arc proof certified up to 690V, 100kA
  • Modular construction, extendable at both ends and reconfiguration capabilities
  • Ease of operation with closed doors and single handle operation
  • Segregation up to form 4b
  • Flexible and bespoke: unified integration with the wider MNS portfolio, combined ACB and modules solutions and stacked 2 and 3 ACBs in one section can further save space in the switchgear room.

Digital option 

  • Current and voltage sensing through ABB’s smart electrical devices such as motor controller UMC100.3 or M10x and circuit breaker Emax 2 and Tmax XT and more
  • Integrated data collection and data analysis with ABB Ability™ Condition monitoring for electrical systems for onsite access through secure browser technology
  • Connectivity to your plant monitoring and control systems using Serial (Modbus RTU, Profibus DP)and Ethernet based protocol (Modbus TCP, Profinet)
  • Cloud based monitoring option with ABB Ability™ Asset Health for electrical systems (MyRemoteCare)

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