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ABB Ability™ Low Voltage Switchgear Digital

ABB Low Voltage Switchgear Digital enables real-time access to electrical distribution data, empowering you for Industry 4.0 and unlocking possibilities in intelligent devices, IoT and cloud technology. It is designed for ABB's low voltage switchgear portfolio.

ABB Low Voltage Switchgear Digital connects intelligent devices and sensors with a data interface to the ABB Ability™ platform and makes data available on-premise through the ABB Ability™ CMES. The ABB Ability dashboard provides real-time data display, alarm and event monitoring, trending, and condition monitoring, making predictive maintenance, enhanced safety, and reliable electrical distribution a reality.

It sees everything, so you see everything. 

Increase safety

Understand overall switchgear condition to operate safely before starting any work.

Digitalization enabling remote inspections and keeping people out of the arc flash zones.

Increase reliability

Through simplified design, easy installation and continuously monitor, analyze and predict

Maximize continuity

Through early detection and intervention to prevent failure. Reduction of repairing time through fast fault identification, reduction of resolution identification.

Support sustainability

Reduced energy loses help to reduce CO2 emission. Energy trend, thermal situation and power loss Reports. With remote monitoring less travel, faster reaction time.


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