Writing the digital future takes ability. ABB Ability™.

ABB Ability™ is our unified, cross-industry digital offering — extending from device to edge to cloud — with devices, systems, solutions, services and a platform that enable our customers to know more, do more, do better, together.

ABB Ability connects our customers to the power of the Industrial Internet of Things and, through our services and expertise, goes further by turning data insights into the direct action that "closes the loop" and generates customer value in the physical world.

ABB Ability™ is how we harness the power of digital to drive progress with our customers every day

Know more

Utilize your industrial data through sensors, devices and software to know more about your business in real-time

Do more

Monitor, control and manage your devices, processes and operations on-site or remotely

Do better

Simulate, predict and optimize through tools, insights and analysis


Work hand-in-hand with our experts and engineers anywhere around the globe for business transformation


ABB Ability™ solutions offer the right tools and support to drive gains in performance, productivity, efficiency and safety throughout the operations lifecycle.


Audit & advice
Design & engineering






Predictive maintenance
Preventive maintenance

As engineers we are driven to progress technology and have been at the forefront of innovation in each of the sectors we specialize in. Being at the forefront also means we were very early to make digital a part of our DNA. For more than 40 years we have been building software and connectivity into our devices and systems to help them run even better. Today, 55 percent of what we sell has software or digital at its heart.

Over decades, we’ve amassed a vast pool of operational information and insights across more than 20 industries. Our deep understanding of our customers’ industries means that we know the scientific, engineering and business reasons that underpin decisions. We incorporate this understanding into our solutions, solving the right challenges with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

While others are only recently discovering the value of digital, we have long been experts in integrating digital components into our customers’ control systems. These include sensors, software, digital networks and, now, the power of the Industrial Internet of Things. With ABB Ability™, we are raising the curtain on the combined power of our collective knowledge, and how it is integrated and applied for our customers.

Sensing data and then analyzing it to create insights are two necessary steps. Realizing these insights in the physical world of a company’s operations is the crucial third step where all customer value creation occurs. This is where ABB stands apart: in our unparalleled ability to act, delivering end-to-end solutions and closing the loop.

Closing the loop is how we unlock new opportunities for our customers to reduce downtime, lower energy or fuel consumption, lower maintenance effort, increase resource efficiency, elevate performance, and improve productivity via enhanced uptime, speed, and yield.

Because of our strong industrial focus, you might be surprised to learn that we are world leaders in securing and using data via our installed base of digitally enabled / connected devices.

Leading installed base:
  • 70 million digitally enabled devices
  • 70,000 digital control systems
  • 6,000 enterprise-level software solutions

This expertise and installed base forms the strong foundation upon which ABB Ability™ is built.

The ABB Ability™ platform is an integrated Industrial Internet platform and cloud infrastructure based on ABB’s leading expertise in technologies, industries and digital to allow businesses to harnesses the power of industrial data. The platform enables customers to securely integrate and aggregate their data, combine with wider industry data, apply big data and predictive analytics, and generate insights that can help them drive performance and productivity improvements.

ABB Ability™ Technology Platform

The two partners are committed to empowering digital transformation in customer segments such as robotics, marine and ports, electric vehicles and renewable energy. By selecting Microsoft Azure as the cloud for its integrated connectivity platform, ABB’s customers will now have access to an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that benefits from billions of dollars of ongoing investment. Together, ABB and Microsoft will accelerate digital solutions that improve customers’ productivity by increasing uptime, speed and yield.

A strategic collaboration that brings together ABB’s industry leading digital offering, ABB Ability™, with IBM Watson Internet of Things cognitive capabilities to unlock new value for customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure. Customers will benefit from ABB’s deep domain knowledge and extensive portfolio of digital solutions combined with IBM’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as different industry verticals. The first two joint industry solutions powered by ABB Ability™ and Watson will bring real-time cognitive insights to the factory floor and smart grids.



ABB AbilityTM offerings are designed to work across industries.

These digitally enabled industry solutions are fine-tuned based on years of sector and customer insights. 

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ABB AbilityTM Solutions Catalog

ABB AbilityTM offerings are designed to work across industries. These digitally enabled industry solutions are fine-tuned based on years of sector and customer insights.

The list of ABB Ability™ solutions is now available in the new ABB Ability™ Solutions Catalogue.

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Getting started with industrial digital transformation.

This paper provides decision makers with best practices for real-world industrial implementations.

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