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Low Voltage Switchgear Digital Upgrade

Enhance and extend your switchgear operations through digitalization

ABB’s low voltage switchgear are designed for continuous evolution to leverage increased safety and technology development. As switchgears themselves typically have a longer life cycle than its electronic components, such components require a retrofit to ensure continuity of switchgear operation. The Low Voltage Switchgear Digital Upgrade provides a cost-effective solution to make the switchgear digital

The Low Voltage Switchgear Digital Upgrade offers end user the solution to both enhance the reliability and extend the operational life of the switchgear with minimum investment and downtime. The switchgear frame, bus bars, mechanical structure and power cable remains while replacement or addition is done for the electronic and communication components. Minimum or no change is required on the control system for retrofit of old intelligent switchgear as the system can match the protocols and data mappings used.

The integration of on-premise condition monitoring system — ABB AbilityTM Condition Monitoring for electrical systems (CMES) — provides added value by enabling condition based and predictive maintenance capabilities to help increase uptime and decrease maintenance cost.

The Low Voltage Switchgear Digital Upgrade can be used to upgrade the existing old INSUM system to MNS Digital.

Key benefits of the digital upgrade:

  • Extends switchgear operational life
  • Saves costs and time associated with a switchgear upgrade: only the system related components are replaced
  • Minimum or change on DCS is required in old intelligent switchgear retrofit
  • Achieve continuous operation by avoiding unplanned outages while optimizing operating costs
  • Lower spare part cost through active product usage

Key features

  • Integrated with on-premise ABB AbilityTM Condition Monitoring for Electrical Systems (CMES) to enable condition-based maintenance
  • Supports both a complete upgrade as well as a phased upgrade approach
  • Internal switchgear bus communication are replaced with standard Modbus protocol
  • Possibility to make the switchgear safer and more reliable through addition of sensors

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