Extend and modify your switchgear to increase plant size

Increase your plant size and electrical system with ease

Extending your switchgear through our specialized solutions opens doors to significant increases in power distribution capacity. As plants or processes expand, the need for additional capacity from medium voltage or low voltage switchgear becomes a common requirement.

ABB's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your extended switchgear not only complies with industry standards but also incorporates cutting-edge technology for optimal performance.

Our expertise extends beyond ABB's active and legacy brands to encompass non-ABB equipment as well. All discontinued switchgear, regardless of the manufacturer, can be extended by integrating new panels. This flexibility ensures that your existing infrastructure remains relevant and adaptable to evolving operational needs.

Our expertise


On-site analysis to define the best solutions.


Engineering and manufacturing of the extension panels based on the original specification.


Directly or using a pre-engineered adaptation panel to integrate the bus bar compartment.


Installation, testing and commissioning assistance.


Capabilities to run complete system and relay coordination studies. 


Fault current limiter “Is Limiter” in case of exceeding the existing short ct. level due to switchgear extension or one of the below cases.

Key features

Coupling - parallel operation of two systems.



IS-limiter in the generator feeder to protect the high voltage system.


IS-limiters and reactors connected in parallel.


Station service supply and public network.


Services to meet your needs

Embark on a journey of informed decision-making with our comprehensive switchgear life cycle status insights


Unlock unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with our tailored switchgear extension offerings. Whether you're utilizing active, classic, or limited ABB products, we offer seamless one-to-one cubicle extensions for your switchgear, ensuring a direct enhancement of your electrical infrastructure. 

Our expertise goes beyond the ordinary – for obsolete or non-ABB equipment, we're prepared to take it to the next level. Our design and engineering team is ready to develop and engineer adaptation panels, breathing new life into discontinued switchgear, and non-ABB products. This commitment to adaptability means that your entire range of switchgear, regardless of its origin, can be elevated to meet contemporary operational demands. 

Services in action

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