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RMU Digital Upgrade

RMU Digital Upgrade packages for monitoring, control and measurement functionalities

ABB’s technologies help to transform traditional power networks into smarter networks that can deliver renewable power over long distances, while maintaining reliability and availability.

The existing manually operated SafeRing / SafePlus 12-24kV gas-insulated Ring Main Unit (RMU) portfolio from ABB is enhanced with RMU Digital Upgrade packages, to meet the increasing demand for automation applications in secondary distribution networks.

The RMU Digital Upgrade packages can provide monitoring, control and measurement functionalities - including Feeder Automation (FA) devices  with wired and/or wireless communication interfaces and power supply backup.

The RMU Digital Upgrade packages for SafeRing/ SafePlus are integrated in the space behind the lower front cover offering a compact solution.
ABB also provides another solution with an additional low voltage compartment installed on top of
the switchgear. 

Product scope

  • RMU Digital Upgrade ARC600 FA Box (Levels 1,2 and 3)
  • RMU Digital upgrade RTU 540CID01 FA Box (Level 3)
  • RMU Digital Upgrade REC615 FA Box (Level3)      

Key benefits

  • More efficient utilization of the secondary distribution network through automation and
    thus minimize the effect of power outages
  • Wireless modem GPRS/3G/LTE communicating with customers DMS or SCADA system
  • Obtaining real time data for analyzing and decision making, in order to optimize operations and 
    improve power quality
  • Less and shorter power outages and improvement of the operational efficiency
  • Improves overview of power network
  • Less need for operators to travel to places difficult to reach

Key features

  • Fully integrated FA Box inside the RMU, less space consuming
  • Less affected by the environment
  • Fast and plugable installation
  • No impact on compact secondary substation IP rating
  • Three different pre-configured packages available

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