A free LV switchgear condition assessment tool

On-line preliminary survey about your low voltage air insulated switchgear to evaluate the need for a deeper analysis

AIS preliminary survey is a simple tool for evaluating the need for a more in-depth assessment carried out by ABB. Its use is strongly recommended for those plants where conventional maintenance strategies are still applied and no other assessment has been performed.

Check each environmental and operational condition, compare the plant situation with given range/status values and select one check button for each field group. Fill in the number of years since the last ABB assessment was performed and click on the Run check button to get the survey result.

Environmental conditions (Id numbers from 1 to 4) refer to the entire switchgear including the period in stock at site, whereas the operational conditions (Id from 5 to 10) relate to the most critical installed device.

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Id) Condition

Range/Status Choice
1) Ambient temperature
IEC Tmin < -5°C and Tmax > 40°C

Tmin < -5°C or Tmax > 40°C

Tmin > -5°C and Tmax < 40°C
ANSI   Tmin < -22°F (-30°C) and Tmax > 104°F (40°C)

Tmin < -22°F (-30°C) or Tmax> 104°F (40°C)

Tmin > -22°F (-30°C) and Tmax < 104°F (40°C)
2) Maximum relative humidity in substation
Up to 60%
60% to 90%
90% and above
3) Altitude
Lower or equal 2000 m
2000 m to 4000 m
Higher 4000 m
4) Salt or chemicals in the air
Close to sea or industrial area position
Marine or onshore or chemical plant position
5) Ventilation in the substation or for location of LV switchgear and LV MCC
Air conditioned
Ventilated with filters
Not protected
6) Protection and control electronic devices

(*) recommended by protection and control equipment "Preventive maintenance" results

Correct function
Hardware replacement (*)
Incorrect function
7) Average load current of outgoing feeder and/or motor starter

(% of nominal)

Up to 80%
80% to 95%
95% and more
8a) Mechanical or load current of outgoing circuit breaker or fused load break switch operations

(per year)

1 to 300
300 to 500
500 and more
8b) Load current operation of contactor

(per day)

Less than one
More than one
9) Fault current operation of outgoing circuit-breaker, fuses or contactor

(per year)

Less than one
More than one
10) Racking in operations of withdrawable modules or buckets (per year)
Less than 50
50 to 100
More than 100
11) Reactive power compensation
Not installed in the plant
Number of operations (per day) less than 5
Number of operations (per day) 5 to 10
Number of operations (per day) more than 10
Target cosφ not reached
12) Variable speed drives (only if product is selected)
Not installed in the plant
Variable speed drives are used
Variable speed drives seldom used
Variable speed drives are not used
13) Motor starting
Not installed in the plant
All motors with starting time < 5 sec
All motors with starting time < 10 sec
All motors with starting time < 30 sec
Motors with starting time > 30 sec
14) Maintenance
Executed according to guidelines
Executed without guidelines
Executed by ABB
Maintenance period

Years since last assessment, last maintenance or commissioning (whichever was latest)

Survey result

Perform this survey on a yearly basis

A more in-depth asset condition and risk assessment by ABB is needed
A more in-depth asset condition and risk assessment by ABB is urgently needed

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