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Rely on the best troubleshooting experts and the most competent response to outages

Rely on the best troubleshooting experts, fast and most competent response to outages

With the market’s widest service network globally and service engineers standing by to carry out repairs on-site and in authorized workshops, we can offer different repair options to match your needs.

Our installed base of millions of low- and medium-voltage equipment all over the world means we are able to help you no matter the type, model or age of our product. We support switchgear, circuit breakers, relays and other devices from ABB, as well as acquired legacy brands. 

We have services to help identify failures in an early stage, increase the 'first time right' repair ratio, shorten the time to repair (MTTR) and reduce unplanned stoppages significantly.  

Fast response to situations of emergency of active and non-active products is part of our genetic code. With a service contract, certified technicians can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support emergency repairs.

Our expertise

life cycle managment

Professional rehabilitation of switchgear and protection relays to original condition for the highest reliability and availability.


Your investment protected, as only repair costs are required to restore fully functional equipment from the manufacturer.


Replacing faulty elements with the original key spare parts and getting them repaired under factory conditions considerably reduces unplanned shutdowns in the future.


Fast recovery from unexpected downtime; exchange units can be provided for the time of repair.


Cost-effective and ecological extension of product lifetime.


Warranty for repair work and replaced components.

Services to meet your needs

Services in action

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