Installation & commissioning

Optimal performance for your electrification system

Installation & Commissioning

Ensure lower risk, faster start-up and optimum performance for your electrification system, from first operation through the entire life cycle of the equipment

Count on certified installation and commissioning by ABB experts for high reliability and optimum life-cycle performance from first operation. From installation and commissioning, we take care of our customers’ installed base to maximize their electrical supply for improved productivity and profitability.

By engaging ABB, you can be assured your switchgear is installed and put into operation in a safe and correct way. ABB certified service engineers provide expert on-site installation, pre-commissioning tests to ensure a correct installation has been performed and commissioning tests on protection relays and/or communications for switchgears, modular substation packages, eHouses, distribution automation products, switching, limiting, measuring, and sensing devices and energy storage modules (UPS).

Did you know?


Incorrect installation & commissioning can contribute to 14% of failures for switchgears and circuit breakers.


Incorrect installation & commissioning prior to start-up is the most probable initiating or contributing cause of 4% of failures for disconnect switches. 

Our expertise


Reliable switchgear from the first day of operation.


Lower risk for unexpected outages.


Faster start-up.


Optimum life cycle performance.

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