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Relion® BIO-Testers

ABB relay service support for the entire life cycle

Binary inputs and outputs (BIOs) play an important role in the overall operation of protection relays, for example in various control and interlocking schemes, and by generating alarm and trip signals to the circuit breaker. In addition to secondary injection testing of protection functions, it is therefore advisable to also check the healthiness of other important hardware such as BIOs. Incorrect operation of control scheme may result in process or revenue loss, including safety threats to the personnel or damage to the equipment. The BIOs can be checked already at the primary design stage to ensure the correctness of the logic as well as during routine maintenance and testing.

The BIO testers have been developed to facilitate the testing of BIOs and provide the following benefits:

  • Saving time in testing the configuration at all lifetime stages (design, commissioning, periodic maintenance, modifications and replacement)
  • Reducing the risk of configuration errors
  • Safe to operate
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to bring on-site due to small size

Relion® BIO-Testers for easy simulation and testing

Relion® BIO-Testers are intended for testing the binary inputs and outputs of Relion protection relays. These easy-to-use and compact testers enable simulation of the protection and control scheme operation. The testers can also be used for troubleshooting during the design of the application configuration and for routine maintenance and testing.

BIO-Tester Relion® REX640

  • Protection and control REX640 is all-in-one protection for any power distribution application. As the newest member of ABB’s Relion® protection and control family of relays, REX640 further reinforces Relion’s position as the range of relays to rely on. BIO-Tester Relion® REX640 is intended for testing the binary inputs and outputs of multifunction REX640 relays.

Relion® 611/615 BIO-Tester can be used with the following Relion relays:
  • REF611, REM611, REB611
  • REF615, REM615, RET615, RED615, REU615, REV615, REC615, RER615

Relion®630 BIO-Tester 4U can be used with the following Relion relays:  

  • REF630 4U (6U)*
  • REM630 4U (6U)*
  • RET630 4U (6U)*
  • REG630 4U (6U)*

* With 6U, a maximum of two BIO modules can be simultaneously tested.

Relion© BIO-Testers can be viewed at Business Online.

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  • Testing binary inputs and outputs of relays

Key benefits

  • Originally manufactured for ABB products
  • Guaranteed support for both tools and products throughout their entire life cycle

Key features

  • Designed based on product specification

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