Ekip UP+

Leveraging our digital innovations

Ekip UP+ is the low-voltage digital unit able to monitor, protect and control the next generation of plants. Thanks to the built-in software-based function, Ekip UP+ is the unit that digitalizes the plant performance. Sharing all the electronics solutions of “all-in-one” platform, Ekip UP+ completes the ecosystem to fit all the market opportunities. 

Ekip UP+ enables maximum flexibility during ordering and configuration, and functions can be upgraded directly from the online ABB Ability MarketplaceTM, based on customer needs. The result is a unit suitable for all the different applications including all the needed functionalities without the need of additional external devices.

Ekip UP+ in the best way, will be able to:

  • UP-date old facility with the latest innovation in the fastest way.
  • UP-grade plant and get more functionalities in order to cover all the opportunities.
  • UP-load measures and enable true energy management function.
  • Maximize UP-time thanks to easy commissioning without impact on switchboard design.


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