Powering e-mobility forward

ABB is leading the way to a zero emission mobility future.

ABB is leading the way to a future of zero emission mobility. At ABB, it’s our mission and purpose to power e-mobility forward.

We engineer the electrification solutions for the transport of tomorrow, today. Including smart transportation solutions from EV chargers for the home, through electrified fleet depots and opportunity charging for electric bus and trucks, to high-power chargers for the highway stations of the future.

Transportation is a major contributor to CO2 emissions in the world. About 24% of all emissions come from this sector and over 75% of those are from road transportation with cars, trucks and motorbikes. The much-discussed emissions from aviation only account for 11% of the transportation emission. Passenger cars account for 60% of the road transportation emissions globally. Passenger cars account for 60% of the road transportation emissions in the EU.

Electric mobility paired with renewable energy generation can significantly lower global CO2 emission. This not only helps us to achieve CO2 emission targets but will have a positive effect on our health and comfort due to reduced pollution and noise. 



ABB Smart Society

Discover all our e-mobility solutions in our interactive ABB smart society


ABB Solutions for e-mobility

EV Chargers

ABB offers a total electric vehicle charging solution from compact, high quality AC wall boxes, reliable DC fast charging stations with robust connectivity, to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems.

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Electrical distribution solutions

Distributing power to EV charging stations is essential for a safe and reliable charging experience. In ABB’s more than 100-year history, we’ve become the expert in medium to low voltage energy distribution.

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Battery energy storage systems

High performance electric vehicle chargers require a powerful connection to the electrical grid. When peak charge currents might exceed the grid limits, a battery storage system can keep up the charging performance while avoiding extra costs from the utility.

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E-mobility electrification infrastructure with integrated BESS

Prefabricated solutions

The electric vehicle market is developing rapidly, as are the requirements for new charging sites. With ABB turnkey solutions for EV charging, which includes everything from grid to charging outlets, a new charging site can be up and running in a matter of just a few days.

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Connectivity with ABB Ability™

ABB Ability™ connected EV-chargers enable fast global service and proactive maintenance. We have years of experience creating, installing and maintaining charging infrastructures including large nationwide networks.

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