ABB and sustainable mobility: world-leading transport solutions for a greener future

From road to rail, from bus to boat, via the world’s most exciting electric motor racing series, ABB technology is delivering high-performance transport solutions with its suite of advanced technologies. Whether with advanced digital monitoring systems, high-efficiency motors and drives, or multiple fast-charging solutions, ABB is driving progress towards a more sustainable future of transportation. Find out more about ABB expertise through the links below.

On the road

ABB’s industry-leading electrification technology is in use across the world to deliver end-to-end e-mobility solutions from home to highway. From electrified bus fleets in Scandinavia to smart-charging infrastructure in Singapore’s container terminals, ABB is showing the way to a future of emission-free mobility.




On water


Sustainable seaborne transportation has a crucial role in the fight against climate change, and ABB is at the forefront of developments in sustainable mobility that will transform the current and next generation of shipping. With electric, digital and connected solutions, ABB is redefining shipping, offering gains in efficiency, safety and sustainability to vessels as diverse as Arctic ice-breakers and battery-powered Niagara Falls tour boats.





On rail

ABB’s engineering roots lie in the electrification of the Swiss railway network more than a century ago and to this day we remain standard-setters in sustainable transportation solutions. Our electric drivetrain and traction technology help increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions across rail networks as well as for buses and other heavy vehicles.




Automotive industry

ABB’s pioneering expertise in robotics technology is enabling global automakers to fulfil their accelerating transition to EV product lines with maximum efficiency. Our industrial robots and modular manufacturing systems are helping to drive the performance of this highly competitive industry every day.




ABB Formula E

Since 2018, ABB has been title partner of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship – the world’s only global all-electric single-seater motor racing series. More than racing, the championship serves as a high-performance test bed for cutting-edge e-mobility developments and has become an invaluable proving ground for many of the world’s leading automakers. From next season, starting in January 2021, ABB Formula E will have ‘world championship’ status, further elevating the visibility of ABB technical solutions on a prominent global platform.