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Discover the AC500 PLC platform

PLC Automation

PLC Automation

ABB's AC500 PLC is a proven technology for industries, infrastructure and machine builders, enabling advanced solutions in customer target applications. Easy to integrate and with a long life cycle, our automation devices help our customers, partners and equipment manufacturers improve productivity, reliability, safety and secure cloud connectivity.

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Product portfolio

Simplicity and scalability for all your needs: ABB's AC500 PLC platform is the ideal choice for high availability, extreme environments, condition monitoring, motion control and safety solutions. The AC500-eCo, AC500, AC500-XC and AC500-S scalable PLC ranges provide solutions for small, medium and high-end applications. The robust CP600 control panel platform harmonizes with AC500 PLCs and ABB Ability™ Automation Builder software.

News and highlights

Want to get inspired? Explore our know-how based on 50 years of PLC Automation - embedded in articles, videos, customer stories and more.

Industries and applications

The scalable and high-performant AC500 PLC platform enables advanced solutions in customer target applications for industries like water, tunnel, building infrastructure, data centers, district energy, machinery, material handling, food and beverage, marine and many more.


In an increasingly demanding automation environment, you need a reliable partner: ABBʼs AC500 PLC and control panel portfolio provides various scalable products and a wide range of connectivity options, from field devices to management and visualization layers.


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