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As the most important resource on the planet, water makes everything work

A clean, readily available water supply and wastewater disposal systems are essential to public health. This means that wastewater treatment processes need to be optimized. From small pumping stations to controlling complete plants, ABB offers one-platform solutions scaling for a safe, reliable water supply.

Maximize energy efficiency with AC500

As the “brain” of the water supply, the AC500 PLC knows everything about the water flow. It ensures optimal performance, maintains a reliable and safe flow of water and wastewater, and keeps the entire water system in balance. The PLC shares the information to the drives controlling the motor speed for an optimum water flow rate while keeping energy consumption low.

The AC500 PLC provides many options

The AC500 PLC provides many communication and I/O options. S500 I/O modules as a part of the AC500 PLC platform offer a cost-efficient solution with low technical barriers for high reliability in water and wastewater plants. In addition, hot swap modules for higher availability support efficient operations.

The PLC connects sensors and actuators like drives or valves for remote or centralized monitoring and control. The PLC AC500-XC and its I/O system S500-XC ensure high availability even in harsh environments and withstand wider temperature ranges as well as corrosive gases. The CP600 control panel platform features various visualization options.

In addition, ABB provides special AC500 libraries for the water industry. These libraries enable the configurable use of advanced pump functions, data storage, remote access and reliable data transmission.



Monitoring and control


Solution package

  • Automation Builder engineering suite for the entire portfolio
  • Library packages suitable for water applications, including ABB Drives library with ready-made function blocks
  • Wide range of HMIs with the CP600 control panel platform

Customer benefits

  • High compatibility: Easy integration (also in existing SCADA systems), usability and modularity
  • Efficient engineering: Pump functionalities and drives can be programmed quickly and easily
  • Increased productivity and reliability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Short delivery lead time
  • Strong application and product support

Protection and security

  • Open connectivity for easy integration with highest level of cyber security
  • Security – Achilles Level 2 and IEC 624433-2


  • MQTT, OPC UA, IEC 61850, Modbus RTU/TCP and many more
  • Onboard datalogger with auto-refill based on IEC 60870-5-104 (telecontrol)

Smart Societies

We need smart cities that use data to optimize resources, improve peopleʼs quality of life, and help businesses to thrive. Discover ABB solutions for smart societies and find out how AC500 supports the water industry.

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