Drives and motors for electrically driven deck machinery and offshore winches

Your deck machinery needs to work reliably while meeting the tightest turnaround times with the smoothest, uninterrupted operation. That's why we developed our marine certified variable frequency drives (VFD) with dedicated winch control program. This program with our direct torque control (DTC) gives the added benefit of eliminating the need for motor encoders or load cell sensors, reducing your part count and reducing maintenance.

Working in close cooperation with winch manufacturers, we've incorporated our extensive experience into the drives that work with various marine and offshore winch types. You can use the control program as is, or customize to meet your specific needs. Pair our drives with our LV marine motors for a one-stop supplier that is backed by a global service and support network.

Performance. Speed. Reliability. Everything counts when building and running your marine winches.

Winch types served

  • Anchoring and mooring winches
  • Tugboat towing winches
  • RoRo ramp winches
  • Active heave compensation (AHC) winches
  • Spooling winches
  • Offshore winches, umbilical winches and ROV hoisting machinery
  • Spud winches
  • Slipway winches for harbors
  • Fishing vessel winches

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